15 Amazing Photoshop Shortcuts You Aren't Using


If you wanna be a Photoshop power user, you shouldn’t deny the usefulness of hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts).

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts improve your everyday workflow and give an absolute boost in your productivity.

These hotkey combinations will certainly come in handy for every Photoshop user not matter if you are a Windows or OS X user!

📘 INDEX – Photoshop Keyboard Combinations

00:42 – 01 – Clone Tool Shorcuts
02:02 – 02 – Load Luminosity
03:01 – 03 – Lock Transparent Pixels
03:36 – 04 – Restore Liquify
04:28 – 05 – Puppet Warp
05:08 – 06 – Cycle Through Brush List
05:38 – 07 – Activate Layer Mask
06:19 – 08 – Fill Only Opaque Pixels
07:09 – 09 – Restore Last Selection
07:30 – 10 – Change Brush Size and Hardness
07:46 – 11 – Revert File
08:17 – 12 – Increase Space Between Characters – Kerning
08:39 – 13 – Pick Colors Outside of Photoshop
09:22 – 14 – Cross-Hari on Painting Tools
10:10 – 15 – Bonus – Banana Tool


Puppet Warp Tool Fully Explained

Make Custom Brushes

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● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

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  1. Its funny,, I have been using photoshop for years and didn't know some of these.. COuld have saved myself so much time and energy. Thanks for the vid

  2. Jesus I saw a shortcut in one of your videos for "toggling" the preview on and off in adjustment windows such as levels, curves, etc. I can't remember which video that was in and I don't remember the shortcut !! This would help me in my work since it would be easier to press the shortcut button while looking at the monitor instead of checking and unchecking the "preview" box. Thanks so much for your help.

  3. Thanks this is great!! And yes, I learned the CAPS Lock trick recently when I had that problem. Ughh, Y!! But when you know it, it's a very useful tool.

  4. Damn man these are some banger shortcuts!!
    No way I'm gonna remember all these. Didn't even know photoshop could do some of this stuff!

  5. I was started learning photoshop from last week ..its really helped me lot thank you for sharing the these shortcuts..God bless you..

  6. great tut! i was training while watching but not all shortcuts work on my keyboard on win10 so i was trying to get out of cursor mode (i accidentaly pressed caps lock key) and i had no clue what is going on, but in next shortcut explanation on 9:30" you revealed that secret and i was like, wow, this is a savior, i havent needed to uninstall the app! 😉 thanks a lot, keep up the great work on this channel!

  7. Repeatedly mentioning control and command on the Mac is quite distracting. Why not mention just Control and print Command for Mac on the screen.

  8. Hi friends! I would like to add a greyscale palette to my number keys as shortcuts where #1 is almost white and #0 is black. Is this possible and how do you do it? Thanks

  9. LOL… to change brush size…. I've banged on the left/right bracket keys multiple times, selected another tool to maybe clear memory, hit the caps lock, then unlock… then go back and banged on the bracket keys again… wondering what's going on… only to find out the brush tool was larger then my canvas… 🙄

  10. I ran into that problem with the paint brush didn't know what to do or how to find a video to fix it… by far one of the best tips yet !!! Thank You

  11. I accidently pressed the caps-lock key like you did.
    But I decided to just spam all of the keys on the keyboard in the hope that I will press that key again – disabling the annoying crosshair.

    I ended up crashing something :V

  12. Hello, how can I set the shortcut key for PS adjustment layer, such as curve adjustment layer. I remember a video said before, but I don't remember how to operate it.

  13. Hi, the brush red color preveiw is disappeared from my photoshop cc 2019, I try all the solutions (change cursor color , reset preference..) plz csn u help me how to appear the red overlay preveiw on brush cursor


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