2018 Mazda CX-3: Full Review | Grand Touring, Touring & Sport


Let’s take a DETAILED IN-DEPTH REVIEW of the 2018 Mazda CX-3 Touring AWD! This CX-3 Touring is the mid trim, but we’ll also cover the Grand Touring and Sport trims. The performance data, cargo capacities, distinct styling cues, interior technology and functionality, Mazda Connect system, new exterior styling, and much more will be covered. So, come join us as we sample this automotive delicacy in a very detailed review that will leave no questions unanswered!

*Video Time Stamps*
Powertrain & Fuel Economy: 2:03
Detailed Exterior Walkaround: 3:11
Interior Design, Tech & Amenities: 7:50
Occupant Opulence & Cargo: 16:28
Pricing Information: 20:38

*Pricing Information (excluding $940 destination):*
Sport: $20,110
Touring: $22,195
Grand Touring: $25,165
*AWD adds $1,250

As Tested (CX-3 Touring AWD): $26,095

*Special Thanks to*
Paul Miller Mazda, in Lexington, KY:
1029 East New Circle Road, Lexington KY 40505

Mazda Connect detailed tutorial:

Intro Music:
“Move It Or Lose It” by Silent Partner is free for use on YouTube for any purpose.

Ending Music:
“Ex Boxer” by Riot is free for use on YouTube for any purpose.

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  1. Your walkthrough and review is ridiculously helpful… you are an absolute natural at doing this! I totally subbed and will watch ur other vidz! Im kinda torn btwn the Cx3 and Cx5 lol

  2. I'm 5'11 and I remember how small and uncomfortable the seats were. The seats were too small. My father who's about the same height sat in the back and his the top of his head immediately hit the ceiling. If you're a short person this car would be ideal for you. It's a shame because I had my heart on purchasing this model.

  3. We bought the 2018 CX-3 Sport AWD version about 2 months ago and it is great! Initially drove the Grand Touring model and were greatly put-off by all the extra gadgets put on that version. The sport model has everything we want without the very distracting extra cameras, head-up display, and cluttered, multi-colored interior of the up-graded model. Fun to drive, over 30 MPG and very comfortable front seats. For the two of us, the lack of rear interior space is irrelevant. Put the rear seats down and there is plenty of room for all our stuff when we travel. 
    We live in wet and occasionally snowy western Oregon and it handles great and is relatively quiet at highway speeds. The 16" wheels on the Sport version give a bit better ride quality as well.
    Very happy with this rig. Besides, this car just looks good!

  4. I would have rather seen the Mazda2 hatchback in the US, instead of this cartoonish crossover built on the same platform.

  5. Great video, wish you took a drive but it really was a great detailed view. I only ask that next time you wear long pants. Hairy knees don't sell cars. Thanks. The mrs. and I are going back and forth between the CX3 and the CX5 and now we have both changed our initial positions. I'll pass this on to her.

  6. For the warranty do you get both the 3 year and 36 thousand miles or do you have to choose? Or is it which ever comes first? Sorry I'm only 16 and just starting to drive so I'm just wondering.

  7. Wow guys great job! Not a fan of Mazda but you guys always seem to put a spot light on these vehicles. 👍🏻👍🏻


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