2020 Rogue Invitational | Day 1 – Full Live Stream


The 2nd annual Rogue Invitational will stream live Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 from 9am to 5pm EST. 

As an exclusively online competition, all 37 participating athletes (19 men and 18 women) will be competing from their own chosen locations around the world, while the Rogue team simultaneously brings together each individual stream to create a single, comprehensive live broadcast. Our coverage will kick off each day with a 30-minute edition of the Iron Game studio show, featuring highlights, athlete interviews, and expert analysis. 

This year’s line-up of competitors, once again, includes many of the biggest names in CrossFit, including the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey, as well as Patrick Vellner, Noah Ohlsen, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir, and more.

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For standings and event results visit

Saturday’s Events:
Rogue Iron Game Show | 22:30
Event 1: Women’s Heat | 1:00:00
Event 1: Men’s Heat | 1:30:00
Event 2: Last Person Standing – Women’s Heat | 2:55:10
Event 2: Last Person Standing – Men’s Heat | 3:50:00
Event 3: Women’s Heat | 5:30:10
Event 3: Men’s Heat | 6:06:00

Nguồn: https://milchreis.org/

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  1. What are the benefits of doing that many Power Snatches with 95 lbs in a row? This would be more beneficial to the athlete and I think more entertaining if they did a last man standing in which all the athletes just went as heavy as they could until there was a true last man standing. Just an opinion.

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  4. I used to work at UPS and I just came by to say that your freaking packages would always destroy the entire section of a belt. The biggest pain in my a*s.

  5. That's was so interesting to watch how you guys resolved this new online-format-competition task. And this is awesome! Keep going!

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  8. the community recognizes all of your efforts and appreciates all that you consistently do for this sport, it’s athletes, and it’s fans. Thank you Rogue!

  9. Event 1
    Heat 1 1:00:10
    Heat 2 1:15:10
    Heat 1 1:30:10
    Heat 2 1:45:10
    Event 2
    Heat 1 2:55:10
    Heat 2 3:20:10
    Heat 1 3:45:10
    Heat 2 4:10:10
    Event 3
    Heat 1 5:30:10
    Heat 2 5:48:10
    Heat 1 6:06:10
    Heat 2 6:24:10

  10. I used to work at UPS and I just came by to say that your freaking packages would always destroy the entire section of a belt. The biggest pain in my a*s.

  11. I used to work at UPS and I just came by to say that your freaking packages would always destroy the entire section of a belt. The biggest pain in my a*s.

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  15. Absolutely terrible without the fans there. Zero energy. This just feels like I’m watching a surveillance camera of a nearby gym.

    I love fitness. Disappointed with this idea.

  16. 4:10:40 – NONE of adrians reps ended in the bar being behind the head – correct me if im wrong but that should be a no rep

  17. 2:54:58
    "I can still lift and I CAN BREATHE and i'm very happy for that."
    Annie has been outspoken on her personal instagram with support for BLM and I think she's carrying that over here too! What a role model!

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