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Thanks for watching guys!

If you wanna move to the other parts of the video, here are the timestamps:

tip #1: 00:43:23
tip #2: 02:06:17
tip #3: 03:56:21
tip #4: 05:05:00
tip# 5: 07:26:10
Timelapse: 10:03:12

Before giving you guys the brush, I wanna mention that this pack was not created by me and I found it online for free.

I’m linking the deviantart page where I got it from:

I use the sketch 2 brush from this pack.

To download, just look for the download sign near the comments and favorites tab.

For adding it to your photoshop, you just need to open photoshop and then double click the download file)

creator of the brush pack: JohnnySix

Johnnysix Deviantart page:

I hope You guys enjoy the new brushes.
See you in the next video.

songs used: Epidemic Sound


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21 Replies to “5 WAYS to get SMOOTH lines in PHOTOSHOP | TUTORIAL”

  1. Okay, but how do you get the pen to "fade out" like that? I have a pen tablet and I've changed the settings to pen pressure and "fade out" before with it adjusted with to 50-100. BUT I still don't get the line tapered at the ends. What am I doing wrong? IF YOU SEE THIS

  2. the music is so distracting. im not clicking this video to listen to music, i want to lsten to you and learn, not vibing.

  3. You dont actually need to use a program with smoothing or stabilizers.Try the application, Lazy Nezumi and for a cheap price you get customizable stabilizer settings.Hope this helps you

  4. Thank you for the tips! I've been struggling to move from traditional drawing to digital because I don't feel comfortable with how the stylus feels or with my brush settings.

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