Andrea Bocelli Serenades Leicester


Italian classical singer Andrea Bocelli serenades Leicester City Football Club with a powerful rendition of Nessun Dorma before they lift the Premier League trophy.

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  1. I was there that day. Had originally bought a ticket off an Everton fan, but after drinking all morning I plucked up the courage to jump the turnstile into the home end 😂

  2. My dad adores classic music he always said when I got older I would appreciate it never believed him but he was right took him to see this man in Liverpool was outstanding

  3. What an awesome day that was…I just started following the Premier league like 2 seasons before this happened and so many new fans got wrapped in to soccer following what the foxes were doing this year.
    Then Ranieri gets sacked…nobody realized that the next season they were focused on winning Champions League and were putting more into winning those games instead of Premier league matches.

  4. With Pavarotti now singing in the celestial opera company, Andrea takes his rightful place as our finest singer.

  5. As a Liverpool fan i was bewildered as to how LCFC beat us twice that season : now I see why – Leicester is now my 2nd team. :I think the fans got into the Opera singing (am much as footy fans can after winning the whole chabang!) Even today after all the stresses and tradgedy ….one does feel, if Leicester want to win especially at home, then they will. Great family club, great unity

  6. It's took me 2 years to realise how truly unreal this was and how we'll be lucky to ever see something like this happen ever again and a certain man was a major contributing factor RIP Vichai


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