ANNO 1404 is Excellent! Anno 1800 Comparison & Gameplay


Anno 1404 is a city builder game with a big focus on economy. I tried out Anno 1800 and loved it, so decided to try one of the classics in the franchise…
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  1. Do you think Anno 1800 could be as good as 1404? Let me know! What 1404 Feature would you like to see make a return?
    And if you made it to the end of the video…. RED Knight or BLACK Knight!? #BlackKnightBestKnight
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  2. Anno 1404 had a lot of micromanagement because of it it feels like a fast paced game but in reality you just looking around to fix/build something. Later anno games is a lot more about finding balance and keeping it.

  3. Anno 1701 is my personal favourite. It would be a hit for multiplayer as well in the upcoming history editions. The Combat system is the best.

  4. I have tried so much on 1404 but it never works financially. Money always runs out. Also i thought this was a comparison? Its more of a 1404 review lol. Thanks

  5. I love Anno 1404 campaign. It has great narrator and is an excellent tutorial. I love the fact that between scenarios we started on new, little more advanced island, prepared by game makers, so we could forget about mistakes we made from the simple beginning and countinue the story. It hase 2 cons although: farm fields are not 1×1 but larger so we cannot get space effective, and warfare is too complicated, requires land invasion and extra proviant. I also like the fact that it uses only one map, so its easier to manage and keep an eye on.

  6. honestly i prefer this and Anno 2070's system of not needing roads or population to produce goods. What they did in 1800 games like Tropico already did better. this just makes 1800 more micromanagement-y

  7. I play anno from 1602…and 1701 was most enyo…so far 1404 recntly i bouhg 1800 is diffrent new lvl..need get used of new mehanic but is awensome

  8. I recently bought 1404 with venice ofc on steam as an old veteran and started of with the scenario "karge küste" something like "arid coast" I think

    you have almost no fertility and have to build a cathedral as an endgoal it's just really amazing how it's totally possible to get enough wares by trade taxes and trade in general in this game

    aaand this is ultimately what made me realize what the new anno games are lacking: custom missions with unique maps and/or circumstances I mean sure the main game is what's best about the games but these additional challenges not only were really interesting, they also helped you learn different mechanics of the game and made you use them (like trade taxes I would've never used much otherwise)

    also the unlockable titles, portraits etc. were much more engaging than what 1800 offers (again that's not what makes the games good but to me it's a major step-back)

  9. I was looking at getting some games from the Anno series and your video really got me in the direction of 1404 to try it out. Cheap price but the game play looks really fun and your description / review is really good. Ill get this before spending the 100 bucks on 1800 and its addons. Thanks

  10. Anno 1404 was Fantastic but i must say Anno 1800 is now supirior for me i like that you need now work force for your industry, and overall i lvoe the new Anno 1800 its very aweasome. Anno 2070 was with deep ocean aweasome and very complex too. Ann 2205 i dont like that mutch. So Anno 2070 and Anno 1800 are my favorite anno games


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