Broncos vs. Saints | NFL Week 10 Game Highlights


The Denver Broncos defeated the New Orleans Saints, 25-23, in Week 10 of the 2016 NFL season!

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  1. Sometimes I have to watch old games to see how good we once we're even though this was the start of the end of No Fly Zone

  2. Imagine if Elway got Kaepernick to sign with the broncos after that Super Bowl win like he wanted. Broncos hopefully wouldn’t have gone on a losing streak causing them to go 9-7 wasting that years great defense and probably make a deep playoff run. Then again the whole AFC west was playing lights out, any other year the broncos would’ve atleast made a wildcard spot with the 9-7 record.

  3. I’m here 2019, missing these days. Even though this was the beginning of Denver’s decline still a great Defense

  4. The saints always get a game winning TD and then lose in the most impossible way ever, just like this game and just like the vikings playoff game 2018, like the chances of those plays happening are 1 ina million but they happen to the saints

  5. I was at this game and it’s the only saints game I attended where they lost. I was pissed how they lost, an unlucky game

  6. It's amazing what a team can don in one year. My Saints won 11 games in the 2017 season with that so called "terrible" defense. Michael Thomas was dangerous all season, they defeated each divisional team including 3 wins against the Panthers, they won the NFC South division and could've been two wins away from going to the Super Bowl. The Broncos on the other head had a trash season in 2017. #WhoDatNation


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