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43 Replies to “Catherine Full Body All Catherine Scenes (Sexy Scenes, Texts, Flirting, Fan Service)”

  1. Да почему он так не хотел с ебаться вот дебил придурок идиот

  2. Well, seems like Atlus wants us to prefer Catherine or Rin since their true endings are actually amazing while Katherine's true ending is actually even worst than the bad ending for Katherine.

  3. um did no one notice?! She's not taking those pictures!!! it's either from the back of her! you can tell she's not holding the camera or phone! who's taking the pictures?

  4. a bae like Ca (Catherine) its gonna be perfect if she's the first,but yeah… but she's the second so….sorry Ca's fan but im gonna deal with Ka(Katherine) 😀


    කොටුව තුවක්කුවක් එළියට ඇද පැවති

  6. Catherine: NO ILL KILL HIM FIRST

    Katherine: NO I WILL DO IT FIRST

    Rin: The hell is going on here come with me Vincent

    Ofcorse Vincent: o o o okay

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