Dirty Little Trash Bandits


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  1. It looks like just jumping in the back with a trash bag and dying is the most efficient way to play, because throwing it is so much harder.

  2. If they added a timer and a better throw mechanic, this would be a game i'd enjoy seeing the lads play again. Trash-based content for a trash-tier channel. Keep up the great work boiks!

  3. Your videos are getting harder and harder to watch…Why not try doing something your viewers want to watch? Lately it's been trash.

  4. this is 100% the city from the shitty phone game where you're a hole and you have to swallow things to get bigger so you can swallow bigger things
    is it the same studio?

  5. So much for Trott having the disadvantage, hahaha, he totally crushed it! heh, literally 😛
    I love Trott just trolling Ross n Smith half the time, hahaha, Trott the Fox is best trash boi, haha

  6. Once again why didnt you check the game before recording? You should have gotten a 4th player if its gonna be versus and 2v1 without… Stupid

  7. "You killed each other you idiots hahahahaha- …sorry" This moment was hilarious and also shows why Chris Trott is the sweetest hat boi


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