Dissecting Bible Black


Exploring the history and design of the classic hentai game, Bible Black.

This is an overly-censored re-upload to be more in line with Youtube’s Community Guidelines. Unfortunately some previous context the chosen images provided are lost in censorship.

Making videos about topics such as sex in games means my work is always subject to removal by Youtube without notice. Support the creation of more videos like this at:

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  1. I don't know about hentai needing to be something you can grow from, butt I'm all for taking Bible Black super seriously, especially given how it's somehow become a culturally significant piece of media.

  2. I admire people who are able to have meaningful discussions about erotica rather than just make cheap jokes about it being porn. Bible Black might be good to some straight men with extreme fetishes, but it forces so much crap on the player due to the lack of good interactions.

  3. It's interesting that you bring up morality about the game.

    Personally, I love the bad endings in terms of story. Typically, they involve Minase getting exactly what he deserves; suffering. The exception of course is "The White Room" ending – in which he actually tries to be the good guy for once, but endures one of the more haunting fates in the game. As you mention in the video, the "good" ending isn't perfect.

    So when Minase is "good", bad things still happen. In Bible Black, God is pretty much out of the picture, and you're at the mercy of the devil – that's why, in exchange for doing the devils work as Minase, you're rewarded with more evil. This is one of the reasons I love the games story. Minase made his choice when he opened the book, just as you did when you installed the game – it's a violent porn game, what were you expecting?

  4. I'm really sorry that the original was taken down. Good luck with this one, it's an amazing video and one that more people deserve to see!

  5. Sad the original got taken down. Nonetheless im glad BB is getting attention for the infamous product that it is.

  6. I remember finding out about the anime (on accident) freshman year. It has an awesome soundtrack and interesting story, sex aside. And Minase would actually be pretty hot and a decent boyfriend if he didn't get himself so far down the rabbit hole…. Don't wanna give spoilers though lmao


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