Explore the World in Virtual Reality with National Geographic (Oculus Quest Gameplay)


Explore Antarctica and meet a real emperor penguin colony in Virtual Reality! We are going to dive into National Geographic’s VR app. Free-climb El Capitan, dive with sharks, visit the limits of space or experience encounters with beautiful and endangered species.

The National Geographic VR app has new content regularly covering Culture, Animals, Science, Travel and other never-seen before views of our world…and beyond.

Check it out.
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  1. 9:25 You must be using an pirated or crippled version? You actually take out an actual camera that looks like a Sony camera where you look through the lens before taking a snapchat… hmm

  2. God: *creates land for humans to explore and civilize in*

    Human: *Uses vr to explore*

    God: Am I a joke to you?

  3. This app is cool but im a gamer so i would prefer games like job simulator, superhot vr, beat saber, and those kinda stuff, but this is still so amazing

  4. Now this is more like it. Perhaps they'll have one exploring Mars, the Moon, or the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. Exploration and scientific procedural are, for me, more interesting than shooting zombies.

  5. Hey Nathie
    , Nice walkthrough. you might want to fix the link on your description since you linked to the Go version which is different than Quest one.

  6. I loved your video. This is a really cool game but it personally gave me the worst motion sickness as I rowed along in that kayak. Watching your video allowed me to see it through to the end so thanks. “Go back outside…” You: Are. You. Serious? Legit had me cracking up. It was like you didn’t want to go back in the storm and cold weather haha.

  7. I was literally about to add a comment about Pokemon snap when he was taking pictures of the seals, and then he said the same thing in the video, lol.
    Pokemon Snap was such a good game back in the day.

  8. I want a gladiator type of vr game where you can fight in different coliseums solo or multiplayer with or against people. Or a spectator mode where u can sit in the stands and watch. I think that would be dope


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