Film Theory: Is Jake Paul's Merch ILLEGAL? (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)


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Last episode we talked about the people running the Jake Paul show. Today Theorists, we’re Examining just WHAT Jake Paul is putting out there. He’s admitted his audience is mostly kids and YouTube has some STRICT rules when it comes to kids. Do Jake Paul’s videos actually BREAK YouTube’s rules? Let’s find out!

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  1. k so sorry this is long, but we are talking about the manipulation of kids in financial aid (which is kinda really evil to do), but are we not going to talk about a show targeted to 6 to 16 year old children that has near nudity? Like you can't be exposing seven-year-olds to shirtless men and woman in multiple videos. I'm no lawyer, but if people get demonetized on normal YouTube for saying the common F-word on channels that are not targeting children and have commentary that children wouldn't even understand (and that there are actual rules against having kids under 13 on normal YouTube), then Jake Paul's channel has to have had more trouble with YouTube Kids, right? Like what about that scene where Jake's Girlfriend just walks in mid-game and takes her shirt off? That's just not right. I've never watched a video by Jake but i do know that if I had kids, they would not be allowed to watch Jake's channel specifically because of the footage seen in this video. -(Again, sorry this is so long and also thank you for reading to the end if your reading this, and if you actually have knowledge in this field [children's networks and the type of semi-underdressed events going on as displayed in this video] I would love it if you responded to this comment and explained a little bit for me.)

  2. When I was 11 I used to watch u soooo some "kids" aren't stupid and can understand manipulation and won't fall for this stupid thing

  3. Jake Paul: every 2000 5 year olds that give me their moms credit card details my girlfriends gonna remove one bit of clothing

    Literally every multi-billion media company: it's free real estate

  4. What do you mean this is not a kids show, I started watching when I was 9 and I got everything

  5. Well at least we have something to look forward to this year.. About time.

    And Shane is such a con artist I swear..

  6. Jake Paul is the Teen Titans Go! of youtube
    annoying, unfunny, aimed st kids and has an idiot with spikey hair and a punchable face

  7. I don't think that doing this is right, but if we look at this from law point there is no children without parent permission under age of 14 on youtube platform(in teory) , which directly means that any underaged child isn't able to buy anything on their own (again in teory) and can do so only with assistance and approval of their parents. And half-naked girl doesn't really screams kids show. I never in my life watched any of Jake's videos and am not a lawyer but i'm pretty sure that law suit agains him would have hard time. Youtube Kids exists for a reason.


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