Furry moments in retro anime that'll turn you into one | Furry Compilation


Get in touch with your fursona this summer 🐶🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐯🦁


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Furries | RetroCrush

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  1. Excellent video even more anime is missing like that but the list is long and it is also very difficult to find a compilation of furry anime

  2. I wonder if actual furriness comes from having the experience of pets or the opposite, or if it isn't even a factor at all.

  3. Furries aside, I was kind of disappointed of how Blue Submarine No.6 ended. At least, I would have like a better conclusion to the relationship between the MC and the fish girl.

  4. At least there no humans with animal ears and tails, on the negative is that all these scenes are I see humans and furries against each other, instead meeting or just get along


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