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Reuploaded to this channel while my other channel undergoes maintenance.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day today, and if not, I hope this new compilation makes your day better.

Have you ever wondered what GameGrumps would be like if they used face cam when playing video games? Well in some rare occasions they did. In fact, I’m actually surprised of how much face cam they have done. So here’s all of the best moments when the Grumps used face cam. Also please notify me if I left any videos where they’ve used face cam out.

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Grumpcade Sonic 2 Edit by Diegoisawesome:

Skyward Sword Gameplay by Lucky Number777:

Skyward Sword Edit snippets by SaffronGaming:

(for those who are asking if this disclaimer is manditory, no it’s not, but I add them out of respect for the Grumps ):
I do not own any of the content presented in this video.The following is a non-profit edited compilation of games played by the cast of the youtube channel Gamegrumps. With that being said..


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28 Replies to “Game Grumps: Best Facecam Moments”

  1. "This is going to be facecam for the first and only time."
    Goes through 10 minute power hour, goes through table flip, goes through skits

  2. Can someone tell me when the JonTron stops and the Danny starts please? (Fuck anyone who wants to talk shit about my OPINION)

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