Godzilla Card Game Overview and Review


Jamie from The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast gives an overview of the game play and a review of Godzilla Card Game designed by Ryan Miller and published by Bandai.

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  1. Chrono clash system is shit.sure it maybe fun but the cards are lazy, most card effect doesn't make sense to the characters and there's no expansion, only different series and all are pre constructed deck . It's just weiss schwarz but lazy and worst just to save money. Weiss schwarz have trail deck and booster set and if a series does well or need an upgrade they'll make a vol 2. There's no fun in collecting card or making a deck in chrono clash since it the same card for all box and no shiny cards, people collect and play tcg for shiny and rare cards but when all the tcg give u only a box of decks that are the same in every box with no alt art or shiny card no one would play it unless they are casuals or people who like the series

  2. I'm thinking that the 5 guardians are the 5 prizes from Pokemon. The player is the 6th prize.

  3. This game is only a few rule and mechanic changes away from being true greatness. So so much potential. The evolution forms should REQUIRE the lesser forms. Monsters should be able to defend. EX Cards also require baser forms. And finally, interaction during turns, i.e. I should be able to use Battler abilities during opponent's turn, i.e. Tap -> Sacrifice creature, Destroy/neutralize/modify target attacking creature with X conditions met.

    But as others have said, it is the best we got and as a die hard fan, I'm starved for even MEDIOCRE Godzilla games.

  4. This is just the first set when other sets come it would be a better experience and they are trying to make it a Godzilla card game by having godzilla get his own icons like sneak attack with other sets more icons would be added and it would become more and more godzilla and please a gameplay videos

  5. A way that they could of incorporated the "evolution" idea you bring up, is lower the cost of the next evolution if you are evolving it from a previous form.

    That way, you can play them like normal… Or get a time discount if you play the cards right.

  6. It really stinks to hear such a mediocre review. Glad that I didn’t spend money on this one. A guy at our FLGS was really into the Transformer card game and was showing it off. It also has giant cards, but also cards that fold to allow the Autobots and Decepticons to “transform”. It looked kind of interesting, but also gimmicky. He was super excited for it though. Have you looked into it, at all, Jamie?

  7. I don't really think this game was designed to have much flavor. It seems like a system designed to simply use IPs in a very generic way (which is fine). I'm just happy that we have something that has the Godzilla IP and hopefully it does well enough in sales that a Game can be designed for Godzilla.

    Also, MtG isn't a very good game.

  8. So, I've been thinking about how to improve the rules somewhat, and I came up with an alternative game mode. I haven't gotten to playtest it yet, but maybe you could try this?

    For the most part, it plays like the regular game, with the following exceptions:

    1. You can't attack the player directly. You can only win through Quest Points or your opponent decking out.
    2. At the beginning, before shuffling, instead of putting down the top five cards as Guardians, you choose five cards from your deck and put them down as your "Quest Deck."
    3. When sending a Battler on a Quest, instead of using a card from your hand as the facedown Quest Card, you choose a card from your Quest Deck. Put the card on your questing Battler, shuffle the Quest Deck and put it back down.
    4. If, at the beginning of your turn, you have less than five cards in your Quest Deck, put the top two cards of your deck onto your Quest Deck and shuffle it (before drawing).
    5. If a card with [+Guardian Attack] attacks a Questing Battler, you resolve all the Guardians on that Battler, and any additional Guardians are resolved from the Quest Deck. (so, if a Battler with +1 GA attacks a Battler with a single Guardian on it, you flip it over, resolve it, and then you flip over the top card of the Quest Deck and resolve it as a Guardian)
    6. If one of your Battlers is attacked while you have an untapped, non-questing Battler with [Sentinel] on the field, you can tap the Battler with [Sentinel] to intercept the attack, making the Attacker fight the [Sentinel] instead. However, if you do this, the [Sentinel] does not untap at the start of your next turn.
    7. When resolving the [Gain X Guardians] effect, search your deck for X cards and put them facedown onto your Quest Deck. Shuffle both your Quest Deck and Main Deck afterwards. If resolving the [Lose X Guardians] effect, choose X cards from your Quest Deck, discard them, and shuffle your Quest Deck.

    I think this mode would help with some things, for example, now you're much more inclined to attack your opponent's monsters, leading to actual monster fights instead of the nebulous Guardian mechanic. Again, haven't tried it yet, but maybe you're interested?

  9. I love having Godzilla and his kind stomping across these cards in all his forms, but imagery aside, there is sadly nothing here and for all the reasons you gave. I would have liked a sort of 'Monsterpocolips' in a card game for this, but alas, I dream…

  10. This was a great review. I completely understand how you feel. I LOVE Godzilla. But his game doesn’t do him justice. And sadly this is probably the best Godzilla game we have available right now. But I’d rather have this than nothing. 😅


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