Hannah Montana: The Movie – Game Grumps


Star in disguise.
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  1. hate to break it to ya Dan but the age difference between you and your girlfriend and Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus is like…only a few years off

  2. Are you telling me that you don't recognize the iconic sparkle dress from Hannah Montana the Movie…? I am truly agahst

  3. Subtitles on this is the best 😂 I’m at 2:12 now and it “ best of both worlds” but comes up as stillbirth

  4. Well ya didn't get a copyright strike but I'm fairly certain there's no way this episode is still monetized X3

    Although I will say, coming back to this episode from 2020, it's amusing to hear Arin talk shit about Britney Spears considering in like 2016 or so he was gushing about her Vegas shows and talking about what a good performer she is

  5. I actually kinda wondered if I had made up this game as some strange childhood feverdream and bam, here it is.

  6. 5 years late, but Dan is wrong. Using vocal effects IS the same as using vocal effects. Who the fuck cares how the sound is produced as long as it sounds good?

  7. Do u guys even know the actual Hannah Montana story miley is Hannah she puts on a wig to be Hannah and the show has a deeper meaning than it being for teens or kids in 20 years old and I still dig Hannah Montana so plz if u don’t know anything about the story plz don’t play games or do anything to do with it plz it’s just too cringy


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