How to Create a Multi-Page PDF in Photoshop – PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL


In today’s quick Photoshop tutorial, I show you how you can create a multi-page PDF in Photoshop CC.

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  1. I watched this a thousand times but I kept falling asleep halfway through. Can you condense this down into a shorter under thirty second video please? I just can’t follow something with this much complexity. Thanks.

  2. I’m running cs6 and when I go to ‘export ‘ I don’t get the option to save layers as files . Is it possible on my version ?

  3. OK, but made PDF is flat, id. you cant copy text from it, right? Then it is carp option for epublications. As in photoshop there are no bleeds it is also not for print. Then when it is useful? Probably just for preview reasons. Is there any easy way to transcribe such an document into Indesign?

  4. you just solved a big problem for me. i had to make a pdf presentqation for 9.5gtb file in photoshop which crashed everytime i export it via "artboards to PDF", God Bless you and Love from Pakistan

  5. This is great information. Now, if I want to have a responsive multi-page pdf, such as a presskit or mediakit, with clickable links and clickable images… how do I save it so that each document isn´t saved as a jpeg image, but instead saved as html document so that the images and links remain clickable? But just like this, multiple pages, and pdf. Just a responsive clickable pdf.

  6. Thanks again.
    Every month i get work to create pdf and i watch your video and i dont want to remember the steps i just want to see your video again

  7. If I have pdf files instead of jpeg, do the files lose quality after I merge them all in one pdf? and is the size of that one pdf then too big?

  8. This is a ‘how to save as..’ not a ‘how to create..’ 😅 back to the search of how to get the starting file haha

  9. Great tutorial. There's another way to it if you have a huge number of layers. You have to select all the layers and right click and then select " Flatten Image". It will convert your layers into one single file. Save that as psd file. Do the same for other pages. And then go to "file -> Automate" and the remaining procedure is same as told in this video.


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