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In this vector art Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to make vector art in Photoshop using only some filters. at the end of tutorial you’ll be able to convert any image, photo to vector art in a few minutes.This is a how to create vector art quickly tutorial, no pen tool is used here! Just make vector art in photoshop without spending hours doing it! Thanks for watching, Have a Nice Time!


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39 Replies to “How to Make Vector Art Effect in Photoshop (Without Pen Tool)”

  1. This is a "WITHOUT PEN TOOL" vector art effect tutorial!.. I made this tutorial to help you get a good vector art style in only a few minutes without spending tons of hours creating your own vector art with the pen tool!
    Please check what this tutorial can do:

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  3. Good job!
    Guys also check out this channel. Do show your support to this young artist. Like, comment and subscribe to the channel. Thanks in advance.

  4. I tried your step by step instruction in Photoshop 5.1 it worked exactly like the video. I had a little trouble using the Quick Selection Tool. I erased the background and by pass the masking. I viewed several videos and this one was very simplistic. My level of proficiency is a beginner. Thank you for this video. I will certainly subscribe and like!

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