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Struggling with paraphrasing? Learn how to paraphrase in 5 easy steps, with 4 helpful tips to ace your paraphrasing game!

This video will cover:

Intro – 0:00
1. Definition: 0:22
2. 5 steps to paraphrasing: 0:37
3. 4 tips of paraphrasing: 1:22
4. Paraphrasing vs. quoting: 3:01
5. Why you should paraphrase: 3:08

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  1. I am really enjoying your video series. However, I would suggest that in this tutorial, saying the "potential for exploitation and sophistication" is too close to the original quote. I'd recommend to any student that they continue to reword that last piece a little more.

  2. My Professor requested that students pick a YouTube video on paraphrasing. The professor asked that students write a paragraph about the student's video selection. Your video was spot on. Thank you.

  3. Nice explanation. It is worth watching. Thank you. Please have at a look at mine too. Feedback welcome.

  4. How to acknowledge the original author or writer of an article written on an academic paper with different author?

  5. Just a note: as an instructor the use of synonyms is actually getting into some plagiarism issues. BE CAREFUL! The paraphrase examples had some issues. tsk tsk….


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