How to Play Shaker


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  1. I added the syncopatic technique from your instruction on the tamburine by changing the hitting side of the second. One can generate polyrhythms just by mechanically (brainless) combing little algorithms to varying pattern-structures, letting them train your rhythm feeling and expand it to complexity.

  2. So i'm an air shaker. It just happens when i'm into music. I researched both the Shekere and Shaker. I think the Shaker is what i'm looking for. Thanks for the info. Homework? 😎

  3. Thank you, it was so useful for me as a singer: I was putting unnecessary strength in some movements, now I'm doing much better. By the way, Italian word "citofono" works as well! And you're so right about practicing everywhere, but I just imagined my husband, who's not a musician, anxiously waiting outside the bathroom and hearing five minutes of shaker sounds… lol! 🤗😉😘

  4. Thank you! I'm an adult starting at a very basic level. Shaker was hard and I felt dumb. This video was hard but really helped.

  5. I love your relaxed demeanor in this video's and weirdly, if I copy your calmness, I get better at the exercises!!
    I'm loving my percussion journey and you are helping me greatly via these videos. Thank you! (From a guitarist by trade who wanted a new challenge!)

  6. Have you every used the LP one shot shaker? They’re really cool because they allow you to control the sound since the beads don’t bounce backs due to a foam placed inside it.

    Since you do world drum videos and melodic instruments count, do a video on the steel pan and how to play the sleigh bells.

  7. Hello, I'm french and I'm a girl ! Thanks a lot for your pronounciation, that help too understand your exercise. I will do it !

  8. Shaker playing is like playing with brushes on a snare drum: to get the right sound is much harder than it looks.

  9. You are an awesome teacher! To and fro only ever exist in combo. So "fro" is simply the opposite of "to" (you must choose "to" yourself or to someone else) and then fro is the opposite direction, but "fro" cannot exist on its own.

  10. Your opening comments should be a required lesson for ALL musicians. Accessibility doesn't equal proficiency. Just because it is easy to make a 'noise' (as opposed to wind and string instruments) does not mean you are making music. Thank you for putting this out there. TNB


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