How To Play Trouble Board Game With Double Trouble And Warp (See Desc.)


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A review on how to play the updated version of the board game Trouble. Please note that in the beginning of the game, all of your pieces will be on your home space and you will have to roll a 1 or a 6 to get out. I placed one piece of each color on the start space to help show movement. How movement works The new Double Trouble and Warp spaces change up the game.

@2:20. Green should not have moved.
@2:30 I placed a pawn back to it’s home space. I brought my pawn out on the warp space, instead of the start space. The opposing pawn was on the warp space. I should have placed the pawn on the start space, which would have caused the green pawn to stay on the warp space. #boardgame #ads #ads


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  1. I have the 1965 version of pop-o-matic trouble. Still in great condition after 50+ years. New is not the best. The new ones people buy from retail stores are cheaply made, and can break in no time.

  2. Rol-o-matic is so cheap, the plastic bubble is shallow, the dice is often ending up in predictable position.
    The boards are cheaply made too.

  3. In the vid where green landed on the double x if you had rolled a 2 what would of happened there? Also if you land on a double x then roll again are you able to move a different peg or does it habe to be the same

  4. So, let's say I took my 1st peg home…. and there's no other move I can make. I have to wait until someone rolls a 1 or I roll a 6 to take a peg to START from HOME?

  5. I have a question if there where 2 people on opposite warp spaces and another person has a chance to warp is he taking
    1. the spot he warps to.
    2. Both persons but still warping

  6. I thought if you land on tbe double x's you get two additional goes after you land on it n if you get a 6 you just get 1 additional go

  7. picked up a like new Star Wars version at Goodwill for 1.99 yesterday.Do you know of any other card games simillar to Mille Bornes and Touring?

  8. 2:20 I'm confused. Green rolled a 1 so why did it have to move a peg to start? Shouldn't it have missed a turn?

  9. Here's my question that I would like someone to answer for me. Lets just say you have three of your pegs home and the last peg you have needs to come up but you need a 1 to win the game. Assuming that all your opponents pegs are in the game, does that mean that I can't move my peg to home if I popped a "1"?

  10. I had the Trouble Pop-O-Matic board game back in the day we go way back with this game one of my favorites when I was younger I think I was 10 it was in the 2000s like 2001 or something I remember having it and Monopoly the original one this is a classic.

  11. When you bought the green piece out you put it in the wrong area knocking out the blue. Green was supposed to start in the START zone not the warp area.

  12. Want to see the next greatest board game and app? Check out or google mega moves board game

  13. I still have my original 70s in the black box and a more contemporary one form 10yrs ago. the additions in this looks interesting. interesting they left the main part of the board white but it works. the minions one looks cool but I heard they fly all over the place.


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