How to Use Venom Drench on Pokemon Showdown! Braviary makes Pokemon Battlers Salty in VGC 2020


How is everyone sorry for lack of uploads the world is kinda ending. Today we have another installment of Pokemon Showdown Salt! I decided to attempt to make venom drench to have a niche in battle which made some toxic players on showdown salty which is weird because I’m the one who who should be toxic’d.

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Derpy Dragapult art in the thumbnail was made by Fafrir on Devianart
Derpy Tyranitar art in the thumbnail was made by Jhallpokemon on Devianart
Derpy Braviary art in the thumbnail was made by Brokenteapot on Devianart
Anime Togekiss art in the thumbnail was made by DarkNSFWindie on Twitter
Galar Rapidash art in the thumbnail was made by allocen on Devianart

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NEVER say GG too early on Pokemon Showdown

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  1. Sorry for the lack of uploads, but "quality content" takes time and I spent like several weeks on this video grinding showdown battles and editing this, so don't let it flop!
    If you like Pokemon and want a place to hang out during quarantine, feel free to join my discord.
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  2. Im french so most of the time i need to google every word in the vid to understand what you actually are doing (plus i dont know every pokemon's passives, so thats quite long sometimes) but i really wanna understand coz i always find this shit impressive af

  3. "You lose to Tyranitar
    You might want to fix your team"
    "Toxic Orb Braviary?"
    "So now you mock my advice because you won."
    Like, bruh, your advice clearly wasn't needed because Tyranitar didn't even do shit. It's like these toxic idiots don't even know what moves Pokemon like Braviary can carry like the one it has had access to since it's introduction: Superpower or that Braviary gets Guts.

  4. Gosh I just found your channel and I'm laughing so hard at all this… thank you so much for this, you made my day

  5. "So now you mock my advice because you won" Won decisively. With a team you said wouldn't stand a chance. So yeah, you're worth mocking, as your advice obviously wasn't worth anything.


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