How to Vectorize an Image (Photo to Vector) – Photoshop Tutorial


In this Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn how to vectorize, Vector an image in Photoshop using an easy trick. after completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to completely convert any raster image (the regular jpg photo) to a pure vector in Photoshop, the final vector photo will be colorful. This is the second Photoshop vector tutorial on channel, please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you like this type of tutorials.


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  1. To export the final result as a Vector to Illustrator :
    1-After finishing the tutorial go to File> Save As then choose ".EPS" from the file types, and click Save.
    2-Open that .EPS file with Illustrator and you will find each path available separately as a layer.
    Watch steps here:

  2. The result of this process is NOT a vector image. It is simply a limited-color layered RASTER image with work paths added. It's a "vectorized" LOOK, but it's not a vector image.

  3. Ohh, that is very helpful!))) thank you so much.
    I have a question, I have some old small raster images, how can I change them to Vector? On this video you guys said don't use small images. But that's very important for me. Thank your attention

  4. Thank you’ll much for this, this has been the most clear and straightforward photoshop tutorial I’ve used. Everything was explained so well that I didn’t have any problems throughout the whole thing.

  5. Hi! im havin a bit of trouble since of me at 9:04 there´s only one icon like that and it´s on highlights, i cant seem to work out how to change the color of the other layers.

  6. Hey loved this tutorial !
    Can you pls show this method on portraits.. I'm trying to apply this method on some potrait pics.. but I'm failing.. pls help with a new tutorial.. plss.. love from india ❤️

  7. Needed a help from you the expert….
    Can you let us know through a video about how to create the bg circle behind the scooter in your thumnail…..

  8. I made all the steps, i can see the vector points in the layers, but at the end i can see the pixelation too. Whats wrong? Maybe cause i used "base" and not "Base"?

  9. 4 minutes in, after merging the selection layer, levels layer and posterize layer. When I click on the Filter at the top, all options are grayed out. Cannot select anything. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

  10. It's amazing. Every minute in Photoshop with this gave me so much satisfaction of what I was getting!
    Any chance you have some video for backrounds like this yellow circle behind the bike?


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