Imagining A Full Game of Verum Rex: Final Fantasy, KH, or A New IP?


Could Verum Rex ever become a full game some day? And if so would it be a Final Fantasy game, a Kingdom Hearts game, or a brand new Intellectual Property?

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  1. I'm curious as to why people keep saying they're fighting in the Verum Rex universe. Isn't that building in TWEWY? Or am I missing something? I'm just now catching up on all this lol

  2. I want FFv, not Verum Rex… I just liked the original designs of everything (characters, locations, etc.) better before it got scrapped to make room for FF15.

  3. Please be a new IP game!!! I wanna play Yozora! I wanna see his girlfriend and friends!! Bye bye versus xiii. Miss you 😭😢

  4. I think that it obviously would need to be connected to the KH universe overall, but self-contained. Like a world that was still closed off to all the others. That being said I would like if it was made into a game that it was treated as its own IP, not making it immediately part of the kh main storyline. Maybe use it to give a full backstory before Sora and Yozora inevitably meet.

  5. Wouldn't it be cool if KH4 start the same way as KH2 only you controlled Verum Rex? All we need is an amazing V.R. theme song to drive it home!

  6. Verum Rex is the past. And ended with Yozora using the power of waking trying to save Stella,just like Sora did with Kairi. We're going to see the future now. Indeed in the Toy story trailer Yozora is younger than he is in the secret ending and in the ReMind trailer. This because the Toy story trailer is his past. Also i think that was the 1st and true Keyblade War and Darkness (Like a new Ardyn) fought against the Master of Masters. The Master vanished because he too used the power of waking to stop Darkness-Ardyn and used his 5 apprentices and the new Keyblade war to trap him in a dying world,stopping thus the Darkness for good,to re-create a pure world without Darkness-Ardyn from the Dandelions. However Darkness managed to escape in the new worldline using Ventus as his embodiment and infiltrating him in the Dandelions as 1 of their leader,after having killed Strelitzia to replace her. Now the true Darkness is inside Vanitas. Think at when he reunited with Ventus and had the X-blade in Birth By Sleep: "this X-Blade will open a door,one that leads to all worlds! Then all the Keyblade wielders will come all here,to battle for the light within Kingdom Hearts,and as the legend says,the Keyblade war will begin!" This was absolutely not the plan of Xehanort. And wasn't Vanitas's either. He wanted only reunite with Ventus to stop his endless suffering. Instead this was the true ancient Darkness who in that moment took control inside Ventus-Vanitas. And this entity will be the new and the final opponent in my opinion after the Master himself.

  7. Since Hajime Tabata no longer with square, I wouldn't want square or disney to make VR. I dont know how laws in Japan work but since this is in KH and sony & disney own kh I dont see this happening.

  8. New IP and no relation to Disney. Disney crap is one of the reason why I found KH3 mediocre since I really don't like any of that stuff. I pretty much loved a lot of the original KH universe parts in it but none of the Disney parts.

  9. 2:15 Considering how little of it there is and how bad they look, that makes a lot of sense. Disney barely even recognized its existence until recently

  10. The Verum Rex scene is not its own world, its in Tokyo with notable landmarks like the 104 building (109 in the real world). Probably a riff on the "fantasy based on reality" thing.

  11. I think a new IP would be a great idea, if anything, the FF and KH names chain the game down too much nowadays causing too many hands in the pot, IE the higher ups who think they know better. I would look forward to the game and support it if we got gameplay similar to what we see in this video and a good story to back it up. Here's to hoping we get a great game, guys!

  12. If so and they do some tweaks to the enemy mecha to look more "FF" in design, like ancient and like detailed FF machina referencing the gods like bahamut and the like then hell yes! Though just cuz it was shown first in KH it might be tricky but like if he wanted he can argue for its own thing. I say it should be it's own IP tbh. It has such potential of what these enemies are, where they came from and why they want the girl, let's call her Stella, for exactly.

  13. Yes. Please make Verum Rex a reality. It probably would most likely be released on PS5 as it is not a real game yet

  14. If they made a Verum Rex game, I would definitely be interested. I would hope that it would either be a stand-alone game or part of the FF series.

  15. Hopefully Verum Rex is a new IP with Kingdom Hearts gameplay with a much more mature and darker tone than even Final Fantasy like what we saw in Versus XIII.

  16. I'd love to see Verum Rex, especially without any major connection to KH. I still haven't touched my copy of KH3 just because I don't have the time to catch up on all the non- mainline titles (young people reading will find out how this works). Verum Rex could serve as a fresh start for anyone who isn't a lore expert on KH.


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