Indivisible: COMBAT GUIDE + TIPS | A Combo Focused RPG from the Creators of Skullgirls


A guide / tutorial for the combat system in the fighting game infused RPG, INDIVISIBLE. This also showcases useful tips to help you maximize damage, maintain juggles, and improve your experience.


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PlayStation 4 code for Indivisible was provided by 505 Games.
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  1. This is a safe haven for gamers who value game mechanics and systems, because that’s what makes anything from 8-bit to 8k, equally enjoyable.
    Thanks for taking out some time to watch my stuff! I appreciate that! – Alex

    What do you all think about this kind of combat system? I have played quite a few RPGS with similar battle mechanics and although it starts out fairly basic early one, give it a few hours and it really starts to show its unique elements. Really fun stuff and tons of flexibility with all the hero classes!

  2. Thanks for this. The game is so obtuse as to its mechanics. I'm not sure i'll stick with it due to me not really being a fighting game fan at all, and i'm pretty sure i'll hit a blocker sooner rather than later which will just tune me out of it.

  3. Valkyrie Profile fan and Indivisible player here, watching your video for the first time. Thanks for this breakdown.

    I made my own tutorial for beginnners, but it's a slower and longer video because of all the time I spent pausing the combat to explain stuff. Your video's a good primer, which I hope all new players watch for a quick bite of advice.

  4. Having the water healer & the Aztec girl is so broken. One heals the other sets trap disabling enemy turn/gain fast iddhi (energy).

  5. Instead of explaining how combat works, you spoil characters and features (irrelevant to combat but relevant to overall game experience.) I can't even begin to explain how stupid this idea is.

  6. Thank you for the video. I got my butt kicked by a spider until I watched your video. That spider went down. Lol

  7. This is a pretty good game so far. Just got it last night. However, it is SUPER hard so far. I don't use one character at a time, I send all characters all guns blazing lol. Granted I am new to the game and will probably get better later.. but so far it's been the only thing that's saved me several times. Never thought I'd like a game liek this, but pretty fun. Great graphics and sound.

  8. I bought this game today and I am hating the combat. I can't get the block timing right, so every battle nearly wiped my team. I'm on the first boss and can't get it lower than 80% health before wiping my team. So frustrated.

  9. This game deserved so much more attention then it got…damn you gaming community…always ignoring these amazing games and going for the overhyped crap… Buying more star wars trash from EA instead of supporting great developers that make innovative games.

  10. Thanks for the info.

    Just got the game yesterday (longtime Skullgirls player), and was glad to have looked this up before starting.

  11. Why doesn't it teach you how to do this? I've been playing for hours and I can't get past bleu. Any advice? He's too hard so i had to ragequit

  12. None of this actually works. Blocking doesn't do anything and there is no way to actually do a "high" or "low" attack. All you can do is mash the buttons for attack. There's no way to do a combo higher than 2 or 3. What is everyone else doing that I'm not?

  13. Oh my god… I remember seeing this game being demo’d a couple years ago and thought it looked alright. But now? Holy shit it’s so polished! Definitely going to add it to my steam library now

  14. I saved this video for later but I guess I won’t need it anymore cause I already beat the game, lol your welcome for the free view

  15. Sadly the game is so easy that the combo system is just a way of making fights last longer… Pretty early on, mashing everything is not only a viable strat, but THE viable strat (bar some gimmicky bosses).

    I can't stress enough how sad that is, because the base for an amazing system is all there and each character plays and feels completely different..

  16. This was a great guide! I've already beaten the game, and played backer previews, but I still learned some neat tricks from this. I'm sending this to all my friends who I'm trying to get into the game — it's a GREAT primer for the combat system.

  17. Yeah just got platinum, all i say is absolutely no need for tactics just go all in – combat is that easy. Keep upgrading ure attack, mixed with good blocking which is fairly leniant. Most bosses went down with just one rush of attacks

  18. i have been playing this game for 2 days and im loving it, for me its the best single player game released since sekiro…
    The only problem i got its the lack of information the game gives you for almost everything

  19. I loved Valkyrie profile and happy someone made a “spiritual successor” I hope they do the same with Star ocean some day because I hate how square treats it.

  20. Anyone else unable to use Ajna's focus to resurrect fallen team members? Game controls say to use LB + RB but that does not work. I've seen streamers use the ability without any difficulty so this is becoming quite frustrating for me since some of the fights are quite hard without being able to use Ajna's heal/res…

  21. Started playing this game this morning…. did not do ANYTHING like this. Glad I watched this video. I actually have a bunch of those characters and try out some of those combos pretty much right now. I just got the 3 iddah bars unlocked so I'm excited to wombo these monsters. Also didn't know about the ATB thing where it charges faster if you do different moves. That'y why Ginseng and Honey are so fast, I always alternate between healing and her attack which boosts the heal lol.


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