Keyword Research Tutorial: From Start to Finish


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do keyword research that drives more organic traffic AND conversions.
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In this keyword research tutorial, Sam Oh goes through a step-by-step process to research keywords and map them to the buyer’s journey.

You’ll learn both basic and advanced keyword research tips to attract customers in every stage of their buying journey. Best of all, it’s broken down as a step-by-step process.

First, you’ll learn the four types of keyword categories, what they are, and how they fit into the sales conversion cycle.

Then we’ll get straight into generating keyword ideas.

The keyword research tool used in the tutorial is Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. You’ll learn how to generate millions of keyword ideas and narrow them down into focused groups that target buyers based on search intent.

The next step is to analyze the top 10 Google search results for your target keyword. This will give you information on things like content format, search intent, and context of a topic.

Using the top 10 search results, you can also analyze how hard it will be to rank on Google for your target keyword. Sam goes over analyzing 3 metrics and finding a balance between referring domains, Domain Rating, and topical relevance.

Finally, you’ll learn an effective way to find topics that are driving organic traffic to your competitors’ websites.

Using this data, you can find low-competition topics as well as high traffic opportunities.


1:03 Generate keyword ideas
3:20 Determine search intent for a keyword
6:19 Analyze Google’s Top 10 search results
7:21 Measure ranking difficulty
8:07 Analyze topical relevance
8:56 Reverse-engineer competitors’ traffic generating pages

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  1. I dont see anyone on youtube close to you when it comes to honesty

    I admire and respect your work thanks for providing the vlaue

  2. Hi, I didnt understand one part of keyword group – Which is Navigational Keywords – Can you give more examples please?

  3. Great video and explanation of keywords…However, I was a little confused when you stated to "not" go after transactional keywords @2:26 because they "limit your reach." Then @3:02 you contradict the statement with stating that transactional keywords "accelerate the customer journey." So are you saying to go after transactional keywords? Correct me please, I am sure I am missing something.

  4. Agreed with many. You are simply amazing and your approach is beast! Great content. I'm glad i stumbled on this channel!

  5. yeah but this tool is $99 a month… is okay if you start making money blogging but for begginers better use ubersuggest or other alternatives

  6. Great sam. In ahref, there appears a parent keyword for every keyword you search, which might or might not be same. If a keyword has a different parent keyword then which one should you target where parent keyword is difficult to rank as many websites are well optimised for the keyword. On the other hand, the child keyword being a long tail keyword have pages ranking for which they are not even optimised for the keyword and thus seems easy to target and rank for that keyword.

  7. Key point= "Can I plug my products or services into this post naturally?" or "would someone searching for this query be interested in purchasing my products or services?" If the answer is "no" then you should probably move on.

  8. Hello, Ahref… Can I get your memebership free for a month. And within that one month.. I'll rank my website and then with the money I'll buy the subscription. Please

  9. But Ahrefs not showing original keyword search volume. That's a problem. Otherwise ahrefs is best and your modifier list is most important thing on your video. Thanks for knowledge and marketing.

  10. One thing I don't understand, there is a huge difference b/w reports of hrefs and semrush, I researched for a keyword in hrefs and semrush, hrefs was showing 14 KD while semrush was showing 84 KD.
    How is that possible?

  11. Hello, thank you for the great video. I think I have a dummie question. Ok I end up with my desired keywords..Where should be placed? In category description? in product description? both? in the blog?

  12. 8:04
    What do you mean by "build more links than the top-ranking pages"?
    Are those links external links in the blogpost?

  13. At around 4:16 when you narrow the 17 million results down to nearly a thousand and you then say 'now you'll need to manually filter through these', what do you mean? Which filter and why l?

  14. Is this video all about how to find the new keyword (topic in fact) for your next blog? In other words, what should I write my next blog on, to rank quickly on Google? Please advise. If this is not the one, please refer to the right video, please. Thank in advance

  15. Hi Sam
    At 4:30, you said " At Ahrefs, we assign the score between 1-3 ". That means the score of Keyword difficulty, right ? I hope that you answer me 🙂

  16. Sir I am not clear like if I found 2 Keywords with same parent topic like first Keyword exercises for weight loss and second weight loss exercises I know I can rank with one article for both Keywords if I do tagrat parent topic but I want to write two separate articles of both Keywords. Can I do it.

    And can I write one article on parent and 2 for child Keywords. Thanks ahref is amazing tool

  17. And sir should I select the parent Keyword or can we also write in parent Keyword as well as child Keywords

  18. Thanks for amazing videos sir I have one question like if I tragete the parent topic can I target his child Keywords also .

  19. Great video! Question for you. Instead of writing a blog in a very competitive context, when making a video makes sense instead, as videos seem to rank higher automatically compared to written content. Thanks.

  20. thanks for the video my mentor, am learning a lot from you. oneday someone here will subscribe to my channel

  21. Great tutorial! However, why are so many of the Keyword Difficulty scores way off? That is, in ahrefs the KW difficulty for SMMA is easy (score of 8). In SEMrush it's difficult (score of 67). These tools should be in the same ballpark, but they're not. Trust no one I suppose! SERP #1 and #2 are both from the SAME domain []. The first is spammy self-promotion and the second is a real article. Question 2: Why did the spammy self-promotion one outrank the less spammy article? It's that #2 article that earned the Google Snippet! Maybe the #1 article ranked because of pure SEM since they have identical metrics across the board in ahrefs. It's frustrating these SEO tools are so far off. I get there's no magic SEO around (that would be Matt Cutts), but this is weird and UNRELIABLE.

  22. Hi, great video. My question, when keyword is choosen, this means i should only implement that keyword into my content, or when can we see which keywords/keywords we should put into content

  23. Great video! My question is: what if a long tail keyword is targeted by both, domains with a high Authority and Reputation and also by domains that aren't well known, both appearing on the first page of Google for that particular keyword. Is it worth trying to compete with them when the keyword difficulty is low, such as 1-5, when my website has a low AR and DR?

  24. should I use internal linking according to the funnel that you said? Like informational -> navigational -> commercial investigation -> transactional

  25. Why would you need a keyword research tool. just pick a keyword that relates to your content and youre done

  26. How does someone get started if they have no idea which keywords to consider? You make a lot of assumptions based on someone trying to sell something as opposed to being solely a content creator.

  27. The information is good but WAY TO FAST. slow down. Many times i have to pause and re watch just to understand what you just say. Chill, take breaks.

  28. Love the video! Really helped me out! I had 2 quick questions
    1. Let's say you have an e-commerce site that sells 100s of products that are all very similar. The only difference is the design of these products. Should you try to target a different keyword within each of these products? Or should you just focus on the keywords within the collection page of these products?
    2. If these 100s of products all have crucial details that need to be included in the product description, will your SEO be negatively affected because of "duplicate content"?

  29. Hello Sam, first of all
    great content – as always. Thanks for the video. But more important: I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT. Can I buy one like this somewhere?

    Greetings from Germany

  30. I would love to see some of the best practices for more niche industries in the B2B segment like electronic Signatures or document transaction management.


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