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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays with cousin Maddie stay awake in this last to fall asleep challenge!

Rebecca recently played a giant clue game in real life to save rz twin, Matt Slays tried to save Rebecca’s twin in a game master escape room. Now is taking care of his crush and Rebecca, Maddie and Matt all need to get their memories back. Each takes turns in the reactivator chair watching the vision. Rebecca’s has a nursery rhyme by cocomelon while Matt remembers ninja skills and Maddie has a wedding of Matt and Rebecca. In order to remember the game master said they need to stay awake. Best friend Rocky says they should do the last to fall asleep challenge. Do you think we can remember or will the memories be missing forever?

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28 Replies to “Last to Fall Asleep Wins Challenge! (Found our Missing Memories) Game Master Network”

  1. Did anyone realise at 9:38 in the background on the rose?It must have been set up for when Rebecca watches the beauty and the beast movie

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