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Adobe Photoshop Mix for mobile supports layers which can be used to retouch the images and make them more interesting. It has blending options like it’s Desktop counterpart.

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  1. This app is so fucking stupid it won’t let me send a layer to the front, one of the first things I would think of when making a layer editor?🧐

  2. This isn’t any help lol is the same picture duplicated. You could’ve done this putting it to a different photo lol

  3. How do I move a layer?
    It keeps trying to rotate or resize!!
    Also if I get it to move it snaps to – I don't want that!

  4. Can you do a video on how to create a flag map? (Example take the outline of the state of NJ and put a Texas flag inside of it) Please.

  5. Great video! What is the difference between using this app and using the selective tool in snapseed as you showed in other videos?

  6. Amazing 👌👌👍☺️
    I was searching on g+ about mobile photography
    That's how i found this and I'm very happy ☺️


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