Learn Illustrator in 5 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial


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Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator and how to use the most common tools and functions to create vector art! This is not your typical tutorial, this is a very quick video showing as many of the basics as possible.
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  1. I’m currently working on creating a logo. My issue comes in where I import my vector illustration (I bought from shutterstock) & then attempt to add to the illustration. I may be doing something wrong in the layering. Or I may just have to try drawing using the curvature tool & others. Any pointers ?

  2. You are wrong…..you said the following: Learn Illustrator in 5 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial? It is 6 minutes not 5….

  3. please if you wanna be a good fucking illustrator please change your shortcuts for the program i prefer to use the F keys instead of these ctrl shit it saves so much effort

  4. Watched this to see if Illustrator is worth having as I've been using Photoshop for some designs as I use it a lot for my photography, but shapes and logos are so fiddly in Photoshop. This seems much better! Looks like I'll be spending money on Illustrator…

  5. Shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator


    Ctrl + N – create doc

    Ctrl + S – Save Doc

    Ctrl + O – new doc

    ctrl + scroll – move screen left

    alt + scroll – move screen up

    space – move

    m – bring up rectangle tool

    v – selection tool

    shift – keeps shape in form

    alt – scale shape from two accesses

    a – direct selection tool (f

    p – opens pen tool

    p+ – makes new anchor point

    – – remove anchor point

    b – brush tool

    [ ] – make brush larger and thinner (also works for eraser)

    i – eyedropper tool

    shift + n – custom shape tool

    crtl + z – undo

    shift z – redo


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