Make Your 360 Photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial


Photoshop recently became 360 friendly, which means you can now get your 360 photos to look BETTER THAN EVER using the awesome editing tools inside of Photoshop on your 360s.



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  1. This is the second time I've seen this method for covering the monopod , but I'm struggling with it. I'm familiar with all the tools you use, but have never worked in the 3D environment before, so this seems to be the only difference, yet as soon as I try any of the tools to cover the tripod (content aware fill, healing brush, clone stamp, patch) the repaired area comes up really dark. All settings appear to be as normal and work fine in the normal 2D environment. Any guesses as to what might be happening?

  2. When i go into the 3D Pano mode, it distorts the color very bad and reduces overall quality of the image. Anyone run into this? Only work around to remove the nadar is to go into Filer/Distort/Polar Coordinates

  3. Hi Ben, thanks for your videos. I'm starting on this. How you download the raw file on the Mija? I can only download the one that shows the two big spheres from both cameras. When I do the stitching on camera then I only can get a JPEG. Thanks again.

  4. I'm trying to do my edits as described in this video. I've opened the image in PS, gone to the 3D menu, selected Spherical Panorama-new panorama from layer. I tried using both the healing tool and also the clone tool and in both cases, the correction is made, but then all the brushed areas appear as black circles; like instead of sampling from an area and applying the correction it looks like I've just painted over in black. (but the corrections are there when I first apply them, but the circles turn black) What am I doing wrong? Thank you

  5. I am having trouble where I am not able to export the way you described. I can't find what I am doing incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Hi again Ben, thanks so much for all the information you share. I found it invaluable in getting my first ever virtual tour done: – the client was very happy and I couldn't have done it without your reviews and tutorials.

  7. When I open up my RAW 360 photo in Camera Raw it is displayed as two spheres side by side. Not the flat single image like in your video. Why is that?

  8. tnx Ben, can you show me How to change the default point of view of a 360 Photo? so that you open the photo see the new point of view, thanks for your answer.

  9. Thanks for the great video Ben. I have a question, Should the FOV stay on 1? As in is it better on 1 or 8 (coz the default is 8).. TIA

  10. Ben, hi. Could you share a secret in which software you align the horizon on already stitched panoramas when it looks like a wave.

  11. Hi Ben. Another great tutorial – thank you! I have Photoshop CS6 Extended that does not have the "3D > New 3D Layer From File" option as shown at 1:20 in your video. I don't want to upgrade to Creative Cloud and start paying a subscription fee. Is this capability available in Gimp or another free or low cost program? Is there another workaround in Photoshop that I can use? Thanks!

  12. Hey Ben, after I made the layer into a panorama layer the whole image turns black, do you know whats going wrong? Thanks.

  13. great tutoril, ben. tx!! one question i have the thetha v witch shoots only jpg. i'd love to shoot raw but right now my country is in a middle of a economic crisis so i can't afford for a new 360 shoot raw camera. any tips for jpg? tX!!!

  14. Hi Ben, thanks for the video! Is this editing process possible with all 360 camera types? I've been using a GoPro Fusion… Thanks!

  15. Great video @Ben, It saved my time. could you please send me a sample dng image photoshop project? FYI.. You can share via google drive.


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