mauf – Custom Colors for Facebook Messenger


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As you already know, Facebook Messenger only allows you to choose the conversation’s color in a list of 15 colors. That’s pretty boring.
Mauf gives you the chance to customize the colors of your conversations on Facebook Messenger to any colors that you want. Your friends on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web…) can see the new colors without having to do anything.
Why not getting your Facebook Messenger personalized with custom colors starting right from today?

★ Features:
– A wide range of 16,777,216 colors to choose from.
– Your friends on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web…) don’t need to do anything to see the new colors.
– You can use it even if you don’t have Facebook or Messenger apps installed.
– Fast, simple and super easy to use.
– Quickly copies and applies the color chosen from one conversation to another.
– Supports changing colors in group conversations as well.


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