Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – Halo Mash-up


Follow the Master Chief to epic Halo locations as you’ve never seen them before…it’s time to finish the fight, Minecraft-style.

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  1. If only this was a full on game than just a skin this would be cool if it outright just overhauled the game instead of this the worst texture is mass effect only one location is from the games.

  2. I rember getting a xbox for christmas and it came with the master cheif collection with the first one the second one and the third
    Also the fourth one was okay
    And later ingot minecraft and it came with halo pack soni lovwd it
    Also skyrim but that was before i knew what elder scrolls where

  3. Wait when the aliens are shooting and master chief just runs behind a rock with out picking up the energy sword and just sits their like a duck

  4. Hold on the bow is a halo needler shouldn’t be a assault rifle instead like in halo that’s the weapon u usually spawn with

  5. Damn, I remember this coming out and I got straight on my xbox 360 and explored the so much, loved my master chief skin and I battled with my friend, also playing halo at the time. Sad both brilliant games aren't as popular as they used to be.


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