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So you need app users, right? As many as you can get?

In today’s episode we look at how to build a sustainable business and acquire users at the same time.

We’re going to be talking about what are the channels that you can acquire users from various ad platforms that you may want to look at and also the top line metrics that you need to track to make sure that you’re doing it in a profitable way.

We will also be looking at attribution in terms of how you can track what channel did what in your business.

In this episode you will learn:

1:25 What channels should we utilize to promote acquisition of our app?

We discuss the best online and offline channels you should be considering for promotion of your app.

9:09 What are the optimum mobile advertising platforms we could use?

We show you some of the best ways of advertising to your mobile audience.

12:10 What are the most important metrics we should be focusing on?

We reveal what you should be measuring in order to judge how successful your app has been.

15:24 How do we track appropriate attribution within our app?

We show you how to cross out channels that are no longer working and how to measure the sources which give you the most activity, the most profits, the most engaged and valuable customers.

We would love to hear how you measure your app success and how you find the tools at your disposal in the comments below.

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  1. All ad networks have its pros and cons – concerning the outlook of ad formats, CPC, eCPM etc., and you have to test them in order to see if they work for you or not. At the moment, I use MonadPlug and its results are better than 99% of other ad networks…, and I would not know that if I did not test their network. Simple.


  3. the model am using
    1-Start with basic ASO
    2-Measure your conversion rate before you invest in any paid acquisition channels, your app should be able to convert atlases 7% according to "AppAnnie" of the traffic on the page views to downloads,
    3-Drive traffic once you are ready and done waste your time before

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  6. This is NOT scientific. It is guessing. LTV is only guessing at best. Likewise, you completely overlook some of the most foundational and important Marketing aspects. You are too focused on the technology and completely miss the business perspective. This is the usual myopic view of marketing that has destroyed business owners' confidence in marketing. It is a lot of talk without real solid and reliable results. It's too bad you do not know how to actually produce results. Just talk all about technology. Owners don't want technologies. They want results in marketing.

  7. Awesome explanation. The all information on this video is very helpful for all app owner and development. Any one viewer who watching this video to get more information about app user attraction, read These:

  8. this is great… the info sounds good but I'm looking at this channel and you only have 1700 subscribers.. I'm not trying to disrespect here but how do we know this info is vuluable if you don't demonstrate it yourself. Is there some product you have that has a track record we can verify that this process works with


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