My New Ultra Portable Laptop For Travel! Xiaomi Mi Air 12.5” Review


I’ve been searching for a small lightweight laptop for travelling and ended up buying the Xiaomi Mi Air 12.5”. It’s cheaper and more portable than most other options out there, but there are some compromises to be made which I’ll cover in this detailed review.

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  1. Addressing common comments:
    – Yes Ryzen 4000 U series would be better, however it was not available in November 2019 when I bought it, this is a long term review.
    – "BUT CHYNA" is addressed at 7:22

  2. It seems decent option for portable laptop. I personally don't need such device (once tried 17 inch laptop and now this is my fav screen size), but once in a need for portable device I am using tablet with external keyboard.

  3. Xiaomi is getting 4000U series chips soon enoughOr at least the larger models will be

  4. Since your looking at thin and light laptops, could you checkout the Acer swift 3 with amd 4700u cpu. It's also cheap at 650 us dollars. Pls

  5. Instead of Chromebook I'd rather use a wireless keyboard with a phone. Far better typing experience and who needs to look at the screen when typing anyway?

  6. Please review MSI Creator 15M A9SD-044. It is so freakin cheap with a beast GPU but haven't seen anyone reviewed it properly. And its MSI! Usually their expensive. Thank you!

  7. I bought a custom pc build
    And updated every single driver and didn't overclocked anything
    But my games are crashing can you help me to find solution for this

  8. good job ❤ , please bro I need some help !! whi is better dell g3 3590 or asus f571gt ( the both have i5-9300h and gtx 1650 )
    I hope that you help me and thank you 😊😊

  9. I lived in china and considered buying this, but as i was moving to america i decided id rather save up for a more expensive premium

  10. I use a Surface Go for travel. They never made me put it away on a plane since it's so small. I just got the Go 2. It's expensive, but really nice.

  11. I needed to check the date, as this could easily be a couple of years old.
    a freebie..??
    and yes fully familiar with MI air 12.5 and MI Air13.3, and got the ladder. purchased back in early 2017.. its not a powerhouse, dGPU managed around 2400 in firestrike, it got 4k60 out with TypeC PD port, and its HDMI full size it 4k30.. really like the dual m.2 socket.
    Its the laptop im writing this on, though the battery is like 56% corrupt., its 1.25kg and 1.4cm
    btw channel holder, you do know who you are jumping into bed with and who Gearbest is and who you are promoting?? freebie or not.??
    one of the most dishonest Chinese wholesalers on the planet that will lock people funds with lies and lies about in stock and fake delivery times../they crowdfund certain product with lies, the latest casualty was Zino2)
    You really wanna display such a scamming Chinese wholesaler to your viewers, just to earn a freebie and some easy chinese affiliate coins..??
    you don't even disclose basic facts that you here are piggyback riding an affiliate link to gearbest and also still not sure did you purchase this in full.. make it transperant, that is usally the way to meet your viewers interest and who's interest that should take center..

  12. Ah yes never touching another Xiao mi product again my mi notebook I bought in China the battery caught on fire therefore I had to buy a new laptop to replace it.

  13. so you're a metalhead..!! YEEAAAHH.. amon amarth rules.. m/ 😀
    your reviews are among the very BESTS that can be found on youtube.. i'm really looking forward for the new zephyrus s15 comparison which one comes with RTX 2080 super max-q and the other one with RTX 2070 super(non max-q)..
    i wondering which one performs better in term of GPU.. much love.. pls never stop making awesome videos.. <3

  14. Hi Jarrod thanks for your review. Have you ever tried GPD PD 2 Max or any other "mini" laptops that are less than 11" screens ?

  15. Hi jarrod
    thanks for your excellent videos.
    I have a question . Is it allowed to translate your videos and post it in other social medias like Instagram ? and of course we will mention the origin and the creator of the video which is you and your channel

  16. Used a Xiaomi 12.5 for the last 2 and a half years for back and forth to work. The kabylake m3/4gb cost about 340GBP at the time. Hasn’t missed a beat.

  17. on laptop/pc add minimum 888335555 for core clock ram ssd and minimum i99 OctaTitanZtx99ti 99gbr for under $1 and maximum lightweight 300g-1kg, fully noiseless with no fans or moving parts and oled minimum for screen. add 20 degrees maximum. add full size right numberpad and fully noiseless keyboard with smaller rounded keys and half the travel , huge tracpad

  18. I think this laptop sucks..low specs..low screen color accuracy..for the price..i would add more 280$ and get macbook air 2020..better in everyway..

  19. I travel a lot for work and never had any issues taking my Razer Blade 15 except maybe on the plane, and even there it was still useable. I have a first-gen Surface Book sitting at home which I kept just in case I'd ever need a smaller laptop for some work usecase due to its better portability, surprisingly I've never found myself wanting to take the Surface Book instead of the Razer for a trip. It's now just a device for media consumption in my bed.

  20. Jarrod, does Hp pavillion 15 gaming have gsync? If not, are there any good alternatives in that price bracket that have it?

  21. Hey Jarrod nice video once again, I have a question for you. What do you think about the upcoming MSI bravo 15 a budget gaming laptop with the RTX 5500 + newest 4000 processors ? Would love to hear your opinion.

  22. great work as always. Actually, i'm interested in the walmart Motile 14 laptop for U$350. Though it's not available in Australia, if you can find something similar, that'd be awesome.

  23. Just about what I think I'm in the market for. A regular 13-14 inch. Gotta gets me an amd. I'll just me mostly surfing and youtubing though so I'm lookin for a decent screen @ 16:9. Decent keyboard but most of all longevity. Something not easy to test, there are ways to expertly check though, for things like obvious design flaws.
    Gaming laptops will be much better in another generation or few with improved competition. (hopefully)

    Also, try not to be overly paranoid but this new business thing of harvesting soo much personal info and exploiting it is something to avoid as well. There's soo much exploitation around the world I try not to fault people overly cautious to avoid it either.

    Geopolitics is a ripe mess ready to get stepped on and tracked across the whole world. Especially if another depression cycle is starting. And that's a real concern in the U.S.

  24. Probably lots of comments like this but I find myself being very hesitant about paying that much for a laptop with 4 GB of RAM that can't be upgraded in 2019. I'm sure it's enough for your usage but I would worry about how it's going to cope in a few years time. If I were in the market for something similar I would pick up a used Toshiba Portege Z30 perhaps or a Thinkpad X1 carbon, maybe even a little HP Stream and put Linux on it?

  25. wow thats a weird size. looked it up out of curiosity, and other than Chromebooks, there were actually a few options. but the only thing that has known decent quality was a lenovo i saw, otherwise just some inspirons and random HP laptops, oh and toshiba i kinda wanted just because it looked like i could put it through a wall and still use it lol.

    anything other than what you ended up with that looked good value?

  26. there is no fan so they could make a second ssd slot. Wchih is nice, because… they didn't have to.
    The LCD is the weekest point if you dont need powerhorse laptop, just consume content.

  27. Can you make a video about the gaming performance of acer predator helios 300 with i5 9300h + rtx 2060. Or you can make a comparison of the same laptop i.e., acer predator helios 300 with i5 9300h + rtx 2060 VS acer predator helios 300 with i7 9750h + gtx 1660 ti.

  28. Pls do the GP65 Leopard 2020 model. It has an RTX 2070 for only $1500 (previous 2070 model costs $1999). Thank you!


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