My Ranking of the HITMAN Games (2000 – 2019)


This is my personal favour ranking of the HITMAN games to date (2000 – 2019). Hope you enjoy it!
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  1. To me Codename 47 is the best one, It has it's own charm, a very particular atmosphere. Plus the voice acting, animations etc are hilarious at the point that I consider it a "very good bad game".

  2. Blood money is the first hitman game I played during the summer of 2017 when I borrowed a friends 360. Played through it on each difficulty and loved the living breathing maps(like majoras mask). I love hitman 2/legacy and all the bonus missions. Because BM was the first I played I did not even notice the dated graphics and it felt like such a fresh unique experience. After HM2 though I see it. Just shows how gorgeous hitman 2 is. Loved BM soundtrack the most though.

  3. Absolution is a good game but it's not a good HITMAN game. And codename is the definition of so old it's hardly playable. Everything else is honestly 10/10 especially bloody money and the new Hitman series. Contracts is a fucking orgasm and so is silent assassin. They're all worth playing which is what makes the Hitman series so good. There's not a single bad game in the franchise, codename 47 is definitely not worth playing though

  4. Don’t know why absolution is so hated , i maybe a little biased here but its my first hitman game and then played all from codename 47 to bloodmoney , and now i just bought season 1 im ready
    anyways here’s my ranking:
    1. Silent assassin
    2. Bloodmoney/absolution (its a tie for me , i love both)
    3. Cn47
    haven’t played the new ones and contract

  5. Hmm a decent comment section that discusses the rankings. Amazing. I loved the 2016/2018 combo so much and I went and bought absolution/blood money remaster.
    I can see why back the BM was considered the best…but playing the 2 back to back, it's clear the new ones improve on it and have that same passion put into its game, even if a few quirks are missing like upgrades(which come as the different guns you unlock anyway or tools)

  6. Hitman blood money is best version of the Hitman game series
    and 2.hitman contracts
    3.hitman silent assassin
    4.hitman absolution
    5.hitman 1
    6.hitman 2018 and hitman 2016

  7. Silent assassin was also my first hitman game. I played so many years ago and it was just MINDBLOWING for me. Still one of my favourite games. And all that talk about the missions at the end of the video got me SO nostalgic. I remember everything about it so vividly, just like you. Thanks for the video.

  8. Best to worst:

    Hitman 2016
    Silent assassin
    Blood money
    Hitman 2
    Codename 47

    There are zero bad games in this franchise. I’m shocked contracts is so low for you, that’s practically the perfect Hitman game.

  9. I want to add a bit to what he said because I agree with everything he said in regards to his analysis to each game but I wanted to add on in place and give my own list.
    6: Absolution, I didnt mind the plot as much as a lot of people did. I felt like it would of been a lot better if it wasnt so stop and go. Like you do 3 or 4 missions that are basically connected entirely than the story continues. I also hated how much it felt like it wanted you to play in a certain way and held your hand so much. It always seemed like there was a obvious intended and best way and a few other ways that you could also do but never get a perfect rating doing them.
    5: codename 47, I felt it had the opposite problem of absolution's handholding ways in that you're dropped in a mission and dont really know what you can do. I remember replaying it like a year after I first beat it and missions that were so hard became much easier because know I knew how to play the game and what 47 could do. I do think this game shows alot of potential that will be realized in it's sequels.
    4: Contract, I love contracts but I feel like it doesn't do enough to separate it from Silent Assassin in gameplay, it feels like an extension for a PC port to hitman 2 rather than it's own thing.
    3: Hitman (2016)/ hitman 2, I remember when I started playing this game around the 2nd or 3rd level and thought that this seems like a return to the trilogy in gameplay and tone. I love it alot.
    2: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: this improved on agent 47 and the introductory level was exactly what I thought the first game needed. I was invested into the story of this one the quickest and i just wish it focused on it more cause i really enjoyed the concept of a 47 who has been working in a church being forced out of retirement to save the pastor that has helped him so much between 1 and 2. This game polished up its predecessor.
    1: blood money: I love the level of choice in how to perform your hits. I've probably played each level 50 times just to see how else I could assassinate my targets. I love the story with the federal agents giving an interview on how he caught agent 47 and I love the way you could miss certain things that factored into the story in a way that made sense. For example the mission where you have to kill the target at the Christmas party, my first playthrough I missed the female agent completely and assumed she just wasnt really there so that way if 47 killed everyone it wouldn't leave a plothole. On my second playthrough I decided to explore each level to see what I could find. And sure enough a woman in a Santa costume just starts shooting at you and I realized that she was the undercover agent he was talking about.

  10. I loved every single one even absolution, but I agree codename 47 was a bit lackluster, but people really overlook how raw absolution is, like it makes sense for the outfits to not work as well as in the rest of the hitman games, do to everyone literally on the lookout for him and his lack of support from the agency, i feel like they got that feeling right in it.

  11. My rankings:

    1 Hitman (Seasons 1 & 2)
    2 Blood Money
    3 Contracts
    4 Silent Assassin
    5 Absolution
    6 Codename 47

    BM and SA had the best soundtracks, but I miss the eerie and disturbing atmosphere of Contracts. Absolution laid a path for the better games, but it's just nowhere near as fun to play today. C47 had hilariously bad voice acting, 'nuff said.

  12. "It was a good action game"
    THIS! I really liked hitman absolution as an action game, but it's in no way a Hitman game

  13. Years ago, I bought a Playstation magazine where it was said then a new videogame about a professionnel assassin would be release. I bought the magazine cause it come with a demo about this Hitman & i really enjoyed how the concept looklike. Of course i really enjoyed the demo & i bought the videogame ( Hitman 2 Silent Assassin) as soon as it was release. Since then, i bought them all.

    Silent Assassin really was hardcore & intense. We never knew if our disguises would work or not. It was fun.
    HITMAN & HITMAN2 today are really great. HITMAN Legacy & HITMAN2 joint togheter makes it a complet & a really satisfying experience.
    Blood Money was cool, I really enjoyed LAS VEGAS & Rocking Mountains. My favorite mission was: You Better Watch Out !
    Contracts: I enjoyed killing the Beldingfords & the particulary powerfull silverballers duo we ve got then.
    I personely enjoyed Absolution back then for what it is. Of course i missed the sandbox style of his predecessors

    1 HITMAN Legacy & HITMAN 2
    2 Blood Money
    3 Contracts
    4 Silent Assassin
    5 Absolution
    ??? codename47 ( never tried )

  14. Looking back, I only played Absolution once on highest possible difficulty and try to silent assassin it. And it was challenging and intriguing stealth game, timing everything perfectly and taking disguises just to get few extra seconds before you're noticed from distance. I also miss the AI who would get suspicious if you were running or crouching through regular hallways (what makes sense and don't know why it was excluded from HITMAN). Yet, I wouldn't rank it any higher

  15. Without out putting too much thought into it,
    1 Hitman/Hitman 2
    2 Bloodmoney
    3 Silent Assassin
    4 Contracts
    5 Absolution
    6 Codename 47

  16. My list goes from best to worst:
    1.Hitman The World Of Assasination
    2.Hitman Blood Money
    3.Hitman Contracts
    4.Hitman Absolution
    5.Hitman codename 47
    6.Hitman 2: sillent assasin

    The best are the current gen just because of their replayability
    Second is blood money because its the first true sandbox hitman
    Third is contracts cause i started with that game and it has some really good levels
    Fourth is absolution cause imo the quality of gameplay is better than c47 and sa
    And 2 sillent assasin is the last one cause imo it has the same trigger happy AI as c47 but it has a scoring system wich made you wanna fo better and that just showcased the bad AI more than c47

  17. I personally disagree with some of your ranking, however I do see your points, and if codename wasn’t one of my first hitman games I would agree with your ranking of it, basically I would switch your last two rankings and move contracts to first, however I agree with most of your list and when I disagree I see your point.


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