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Once again listings have been found in GameStop’s computer system that shows more than 10 different placeholder game SKUs for the Nintendo Switch. Generally this happens before a Nintendo Direct takes place and it looks like it’s getting to be that time of the year. Hideki Kamiya is pretty outspoken on Twitter and he decided to rant about a problem he has with the Nintendo Switch.

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Time Stamps:

PS Plus January – 1:02

Metro Redux on Switch – 2:04

Epic Game Store Free Games – 3:29

Mystery Switch SKUs – 4:41

WWE 2K20 Bug – 8:49

Hideki Kamiya on Switch Home Screen – 10:24

Dragon Quest XII Development – 13:37

Comment of the Day – 15:42

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  1. Damn, I have a shit ton of games, played 38 last year apparently, but I really like the menu. I really only want to see a couple of games right when turn it on. Oh yeah, my favorite games are all physical so they just get pushed to the front of the line when I insert them.

  2. Honestly I think the switch home screen is the worst of the 3, xbox is second its usable but still a pain at times I preferred how the 360 was setup, I'd put sony as my first pick for home screens the majority of things are right there and you have the ability to customize it which for me is a big plus. Truth be told though. I'm a team green gamer, but I feel sony really does have the best homescreen. The 360 had different themes and they did away with it for whatever reasons they had.

  3. I'm more upset about not being able turn-on &/or turn-off the Switch with a wireless controller like Xbox One or PS4!

  4. It's 2020. A bunch of gaming-focused youtubers from around the world should join forces and start a petition for Nintendo to update the home screen. The 3ds had folders in 2011. Windows '95 had folders. Adding it as an OPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY shouldn't be rocket science. DX

  5. Wanted to know your opinion on SMD64 saying inside info on switch pro coming out before other next gen systems.
    Hard to believe , not sure how credible his source is.
    If you heard anything on that.

  6. Love my switch but in all honesty, the switch home screen is awful. I was shocked at how barebones it was when I realized I couldn't even change the background colour to anything other than black or white

  7. Oh yeah and on 2K20 I have on Xbox, and it crashes when I try to play a Royal Rumble. I played a fun Triple Threat Match the other day that seemed to work fine. Maybe I will uninstall it, and reinstalled it, now if it was patched

  8. On my PS4 I have most things in folders, and friends are like "Why would you do that?" I guess I take for granted how simple it is on my Xbox One, where I just Pin the games I play most. The thing on my Switch that is a hassle, is remembering which Micro SD Card, I have what game installed on

  9. Epic Games Store has been releasing a free game a week for a year now, not at my PC atm, but over I have over 50 games, over to he last year, a couple of the 12 games of Christmas were dupes of previous free releases though.

    Some great games Fez, Inside, Limbo, Rayman Legends and the Arkham Knight Trilogy among other great games.

  10. I think Splatoon being in First Person kills a big appeal of the series which is the character customization.

  11. Finally someone gives a fair critique on the Nintendo Switch. I say this as someone who his bought countless accessories and has bought of tons of games for the Switch. The menu and layout is very weak for a media device in 2019. The lack of apps is also weak. The man is not wrong in his critique. We all love the Switch for being this amazing hybrid console, but don’t act like it doesn’t have flaws.

  12. Yo wassup Jon(SW).

    The PS+ Free Games are ok.

    Metro Redux on the Switch would be very cool, really good games, hopefully both will be on the Cart but probably not tho :-(.

    Really nice Free Games on the Epic Game Store.

    The GameStop SKUs could hint at a Direct incoming soon 😀 👍.

    WWE20 is laughable lol.

    The UI is definitely basic no doubt but I don't think it's that bad, we defo need Folders n Themes tho.

    DQ12 coming is awesome.

    Very good Comment, a 1st Person Splatoon would be great.

  13. Hey Nintendo can we have an update that allows users to power the Switch off within the OS without having to use the power button. Thanks.

  14. I'm a lot more excited for Metro Exodus than I should be

    Nintendo really knows how to make me keep rebuying games

  15. My only problem with the Nintendo Switch UI is that it’s too bland for a Nintendo system. No background music, only sound effects, lack of any Nintendo charm, and there’s barely any features.

    It’s passable, but they couldn’t just try adding a bit more?

  16. I do think they will finally show pikmin 4. It's a good time, a lot of heavy hitters have already appeared. Keep a nice flow going this year.

  17. Well!! This month would make the most since. Animal Crossing will be the main focal point. They have done well, but I wish they would stop playing it so safe. What's something that we can't see? I'm not talking about Metroid. And the next smash character is going to make since. I don't think it will be something off the wall. Travis Touchdown would be a good one! I'm surprised they haven't added him yet.

  18. Switch needs updates to the UI (folders, theme, etc), eShop, and voice chat.

    I hope SE is also working on HD remakes (in DQXI style) of DQ1-3 and 9.

  19. No amount of free games would make me download Epic China Launcher. If they’re giving away free games, I’ll just pirate them instead, they’re free anyway.

  20. Kamiya may have been a bit extra, but he’s not wrong. The Nintendo Switch home menu and its eShop needs an overhaul. Nintendo should take cues from the menus of the 3DS and Wii U, everything was so organized there.

  21. Interesting to see that Metro is coming to the Switch…. may have to try it out since I've never played the series before!


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