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Pretty fun game and it’s alot better than having your friends ask the same 10 never have I ever prompts. We hope you have fun watching the video!!! Consider liking and subscribing! Thank you 🙂

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26 Replies to “Our New Favorite Dr*nking Game!!!”

  1. 9:35 Vince jokes about breaking their bones and then immediately feels like a horrible person, Alcohol is serious ladies and gents 😂

  2. HOLY FUCK AUSTIN IS 6'3. Im 6'1 and i thought this guy was gonna be like 5'9 or something. Now I REALLY want to meet you XD

    Edit: Boy you a 13 too? Im a 10.5…you got some odd dimensions XD
    Edit 2: Alright, he admits to being a freak of nature. Im content with this.

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