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Like! It helps me out a lot. It also makes me giggle and fart glitter.

In this video, I go over my line art process along with showing you how I color my drawings. This is my mini attempt of a tutorial which I hope is helpful to some of you that are trying to learn how to use Photoshop or draw! 😀

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“Sneaky Snitch” by Kevin MacLeod (
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25 Replies to “Photoshop: Line Art and Coloring TUTORIAL! Part 1”

  1. Hey! Do you used a digital tablet to make those types of line? I don’t have a digital tablet and I would like make digital sketches, is necessary use it?

  2. How did you select the drawing you made and make it bigger and change the opacity? I am stuck on this step and don't know how to change the opacity

  3. Okay, its interessting to see you drawing, but you are really really confusing 😀 (no thats not good :D) but still some inspiration for me!

  4. It isn't really my art I get attached to I'm still learning. But I have managed to fall in love with my characters…oops

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