Photoshop: Turn Objects Into Icons


Today we use icons for almost all digital programs to help with the visuals of a function or to represent a button. This photoshop tutorial is about how to make an icon or symbol using any type of image. We take a look at creating simple plain black and white icons which stand out.

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  1. I appreciate everyones honesty and I can understand why this video has the dislikes, if the creator of this image is watching, apologizes for using the image without credit. The title of the video was also misleading and has been updated to be more accurate. I've improved since this video so if you'd like to see a proper video on this then please reply to this comment 👇

  2. I typed "using photoshop to make icons" into Google and your video was shown. Grats on that! However, the application-development environment I use requires an ico file for a program icon and I assumed I would see how to create/save one. Disappointing, sorry.


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