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““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` In this PHP arrays tutorial, we cover basic PHP array syntax as well as advanced concepts like multidimensional arrays.

We use a built-in PHP function to read the directory with file names into a numeric PHP array. We then convert this numeric array into an associative array so that information is neatly organized.

Finally we use foreach loop to loop over the associative array and create nice looking HTML table out of movie names, cover images and release years. This video will give you a good understanding of PHP arrays and how useful they can be when working with data.

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  1. I had to come back and say thanks, this was a very helpful video when I started getting into php a couple of years ago for work and helped me a lot . I use what I learned back then on a daily basis now and have been able to do some really cool stuff (even built a few apps in c#) , thanks again

  2. geees i couldn't even copy down properly the styles lol. images are displayed vertical vith years messed up)

  3. I tried with mp4 files but it display only last file. Would you please show me how I can display all files like jpg files.

  4. if you are gonna teach us about arrays, please only teach us how they work instead of doing a bunch of extra stuff that we aren't interested in

  5. Thanks for this great tutorial.
    I have a question plz
    Was there no other approach than to have a two-dimensions array(image, year) inside the one-dimension movie names array?

  6. PLEASE HELP! Can't print out images to the browser
    foreach ($music as $names => $info){
    $content = "<td><span class = 'name'>$music_name</span><br/>"
    ."<img scr ='/covers/$info[image]'><br/>"
    ."<span class = 'year'>( $info[year] )</span></td>";

  7. It is not possible to "download" the file, LIAR.
    At least have the decency to tell people that you feel you must screw them out of $5 for your outdated material.

  8. Apa itu PHP Array? Bagaimana Cara Menggunakan PHP Array?

  9. thx alot..functions and arrays are fun with ur vedios..
    could you please explain what is best to store data as performance of sites it array or tsble?


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