PHP tutorial: Finding if a value exists in an array |


In this tutorial, find out how to use the in_array function in order to see if a value exists in a PHP array. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the PHP for Web Designers course by author David Powers. The complete course is 5 hours and 26 minutes and is a gentle introduction to PHP, with simple exercises that help you develop dynamic web content, user input forms, and database-powered product pages.

1. Introduction to PHP
2. Using Server-Side Includes for Common Page Elements
3. Using Conditions to Change Page Output
4. Working with Multiple Values in Arrays and Loops
5. Getting User Input from a Form
6. Displaying Content from a Database
7. Handling Errors


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  1. if we want to check the the specific value that is stored in database and want to execute query if the specific value is exit. how could it will happen

  2. I was looking for something like this. I knew there had to be a much simpler way to approach this than the weird, complex query I was creating.


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