Ranking All The Pokemon Games Easiest to Hardest


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So, if you guys have seen my Best Teams before, you’ll know that I often talk about the difficulty of some games when building teams. Today, I decided I was going to take a look at just how difficult some Pokemon games are opposed to others. We’re gonna rank them from easiest to hardest, but we will not be including remakes today as I’ll be saving that for another video. So, just remember you will not see Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on this list, among other remakes. With that out of the way let’s jump right into this and find out what the hardest Pokemon games are.

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  1. I still think having an exp share that affects all of your pokemon doesn't make the game easier, but makes them much less tedious. Padding out a game doesn't make it harder. It's like having a math test where all the problems are 2+2, but you have to answer it over 1,000 times. Not hard, just tedious.

  2. Woah, sword and shield is not harder than b/w, d/p or x/y. Put not harder than sun and moon which is good cuz I really love gen 7

  3. I though Ultra Moon was easy, Ultra Necrozma wasn't a big problem since I had decidueye and trained up friendship to max on all my pokemon with rainbow beans.

  4. Am I the only one who is surprised that Red Blue and Yellow are high in difficulty on this list?
    MysticUmbreon? Lemme just give you a quick reminder:

    Go home dude! You're drunk… -_-

  5. ???Sword and Shield is objectively one of the easiest game in the franchise, it should be way higher in the easy list

  6. diamond and pearl are the hardest by far due to the level pacing, by the time you reach the elite four most of your team will be high 40s low 50s in level when cynthias ace is level 66, unless your tryna spend hours grinding have fun relying on type advantage to win you battles. if you don’t have a well rounded team or are too lazy to grind, these games are impossible to beat

  7. i was like "ok fine" until i saw DPP, and then i realized that this tier is honestly kind of wrong, how can be B&W and DPP easier than SM, USUM and SS like… boy

  8. Unova&Sinnoh in the easier half? OH HO HO BOY! You are lucky two of my favorite games are very difficult or I’d be gone
    #White2 #UltraMoon

  9. I played x and y Pokémon league with greeninja,charazard,semisear,butterfree,yveltal and kadabra when I was 8 and only died once

  10. this is forgetting bout how easy is to level up and broke the game with the Exp. share, besides the excessive amount of money that they give u in all the games after the 6 gen.

  11. Ultra sun was ez cuz when I battled Hau I hade a level 85 Incineroar with Darkest Lariat, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, and Brick Break (also it was my first game)

  12. I never ever lost a battle in sun/moon , sword shield . I don't think I even lost in X/Y. I think sun and moon are the easiest of all time. Felt like a demo.

  13. to be honest, i always think to myself first: these games arent that easy, are they? but then im reminded every time that i limit myself. I like to use a mix of 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage pokemon, dont use items in battles unless the ai 'cheats' by using items, then im allowed to use the same amount as them, i play battles set, etc… there are many things i do without thinking about it to make them harder.
    When you talked about hau in Sun i was like… but he WAS HARD… only to remind myself of the fact that i used vulpix, alolan vulpix, eevee, ponyta, ninetales and sylveon. makes it significantly harder xD

  14. X/Y was my first Pokémon game and like half of my team was from the first two routes (meaning not good pokemon) and I beat the Elite 4 first try with ease.

  15. In the new generations from x and y to sword and shield I have never lost a battle in game. They are super easy and I usually beat every trainer with one Pokemon.

  16. This is disgustingly wrong list how tf is d/p/p easier than alot of em. Every time I had to fight legit the legendary pokemon of space couldnt kill the elite four until I grinded on levels there is something off.

  17. My list (easiest at the top, hardest at bottom)

    1. X/Y
    2. Sword and Shield (only because leon was a bit tough)
    3. Sun and moon/USUM
    4. HGSS +FRLG
    5. ORAS
    6. BW/BW2
    7. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
    8.Gold and Silver
    9. Diamond/pearl/platinum
    10. Red/Blue/Yellow

  18. Aint no fucking way crystal is easier than red and blue. Blaine literally will use super potions at max health. Change my mind.

  19. Oras is kinda the same story but there was so much added and changed (like the ton of mega evolutions) made the games different enough

    Usum is absolutely correct,ultra necrozma is a heccin nuzlocke killer

  20. Agree with the majority of your ranking lists dude but not with this one. I guess its all down to personal experiences though!


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