Simple Pop Up Photo Manipulation on iPhone | Phone Editing Using Photoshop Mix


A simple and quick video tutorial on how to create pop up photo manipulation on your phone using Photoshop Mix.
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City image :
Hand image : my photo

Apps I use in this tutorial :
Photoshop Mix
Download Photoshop Mix :

Lens Distortion
Download Lens Distortions :

Download Snapseed :

Download VSCO :

Music originally from Splice App
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  1. Hello, in art I have to make a collage with this app .. Unfortunately I do not succeed and I wanted to ask if you could help me. I chose the city of Barcelona and because I was there on the day of the terrorist attack on the Rambla and witnessed it, I wanted to install a weapon at the place where you placed the hand, also a tear and the most important monuments and sights from Barcelona: Sagrada Familia, Ramblas, Gaudi Parc, FC Barcelona Logo … the So the weapon should be in the foreground and the rest should run into each other, just like you. I would be very grateful for your help.
    Zoé (:

  2. I'm frustrated at that these features are not available on Android. It really suck that get fantasized about making this art and Android version don't have any fucking feature

  3. Excellent. Can't believe how easy this is, you wouldn't necessarily think so just by looking at the finished image! Definitely have some ideas I'd like to try out using this technique. Great work

  4. Man, I am just extremely satisfied you put up this video lesson on shading the heavens. I paid attention to your trusty instruction and even had the time get surprisingly next to how I wanted. I worked on it for 3 or more work hours so it was very good! However I stumbled upon this weird f ailure tha t I couldn't get rid of. I additionally experienced reinsta lling the software and after that practi cally nothing. I ended up seeking an alternative vers ion of the programs at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and performed past the failure! M aybe the set up file I had was corrupted. I don't understand how to check that? After all, owing to your video f ootage, I am just as a result near to getting this enhancing down, th at it'll look like it is actually pouring when I am completed! Who desires a univ ersity course for photoshop, when folks can see your actual videos to tuto r them, cost-free on youtube! Tha nks again OP! I am going t o put up my final results after i consider i 've got the bad weather editing effect down pat! Wei D ang, logging out.


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