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19 Replies to “Sinfully Fun Games Jedi Corruption”

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  2. Hey I was wondering if you'd be interested in trying another game. Monster love hotel
    It's not much but I think it's kinda good for an h-game, I'm pretty sure they have a free demo for this one if u want to try that. They have a website with other games but I don't think any of them are free I don't remember. Anyway each monster person is kind of like a boss, so you probably want to grind a little in between each, unless they changed it I don't think there's any real punishment for loosing except that item cost money and if u use them in the fight you have to grind anyway to buy more.

  3. is there an uncensored version to go with this? o.o generally I guess that Sinfully Fun Games in MOST cases will have stuff that needs to be censored out so I check MakerSupport whenever a new one's uploaded that I didn't see in the last MakerSupport content update. So should I wait for the pending MakerSupport update?

  4. I was not expecting this from the creator of this game but damn if you keep on going with this. this will be interesting can't wait to see what happens

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