Sora Enters The Game World Verum Rex – Kingdom Hearts 3 English


Sora is back from her trip faster stronger and on a mission accompanied by her buddies. Best part of playing Kingdom hearts is you never know which disney character you might run into next .
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  1. Verum Rex will be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. I bet it will be a open world game just like final fantasy 15 but with better development.

  2. Ignoring the shit about the worlds Sora and Riku led to, and the corresponding fan theories about Nomura's personal feelings about his projects getting benched, let's put several things into consideration:

    – The hooded figure seen at the very end forming a heart symbol on the moon with his fingers is the Master from Back Cover. Japan, or at the very least the version seen in TWEWY, was the place he disappeared to after bailing out on his 5 disciples and leaving the 6th one (Luxu/Braig/Xigbar) to carry out his insanely vague plans of premeditated prophecy.

    I am confused as to why. Why Japan? Why Shibuya? Does he think it needs Kingdom Hearts or something? Last time I checked, the game itself should be selling big in any electronics store there. XD

  3. WTF YOUTUBE, whats up with the 2 ads showing up all the time?!?! Wasn't 1 enough already?? They really are pissing on themselves, ruinging things for creators and worsening their quality for their own benifits and money, greedy bastards…

  4. Its is not the Verum Rex city at all i guess? The giant building didn´t look like that in the "fake trailer".
    it literally is insomnia from ff15.

  5. I love how no one points out the verum Rex guy is wearing rikus clothes practically spot on and has white hair I don't think it's Sora

  6. Makes a box sign with her hands and then a heart. The box has something to do with Kingdom Hearts & the girl is Ava.

  7. This is the first I've seen where a video game was advertising while I was playing a video game. It was funny but i really hope that doesn't become a normal thing.

  8. Guys fill me in, so after KH3 and Sora got thanos’d, he’s in the Verum Rex world? And is Riku there also? Wtf I’m so confused

  9. I really feel like we may possibly be getting a franchise of KH games where the worlds are based on square worlds now instead of Disney. Especially considering how many major worlds have been used and admittedly done to death. Considering we are already confirmed a World Ends With You world and FF 15 world.
    Anyone else feel like this is possible?

  10. Im guessing the creators of KH the only way to move on to other saga or game we created new game but we include the last most favourite characters/hero so the gamers won’t get angry.

  11. Does anybody else get the feeling that this scene really foreshadowed what happens with sora and kairi. Like the guy here is trying to save the girl but couldn’t just like sora trying to save kairi but couldn’t 🤔


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