STOP! Get Value Now! More Than Gems Event Cycle Timeline | Rise of Kingdoms


In this video, we will walk through more than gems event a bit quick here and I will talk about some basic strategy for your approach. All will be taken into consideration your playing style.

Check out our previous video on more than gems event

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  1. Shinchi, more than gems event is before every KvK season, so expect for the season 3 eve of crusade in 2-3 weeks

  2. I suprise to heard some people complain about this event lol. You don't need to spend any more and get good reward and VIP upgrade is a must and this event is perfect for it.

  3. Guys is it possible to play this game as a f2p i see very negative comments on all vids saying that this game isn't made for f2p

  4. I have vip 10, My ch is 23 lvl, i am collecting rss for 24 lvl and moreover i am F2P, so shall i spend gems on this event or better to wait for fortune wheel? I like hunting barbs and i collect gems pretty fast. I have 13k gems right now.

  5. what a great timeline of events, More Than Gems right after Card King🙄🙄
    and i just spent 28k gems to get my Richard 5111

  6. you have vip15 but why are there so few legendary experts? and only 56 million? I have 14 VIP 80 million and 11 legendary expert commanders


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