Summer Nights | Scary Game Squad [Dread X Collection Part 1]


Scary Game Squad returns to check out all 10 games of the Dread X Collection! First up is our boy Airdorf’s newest terror – Summer Nights!

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Horror, at its core, is primal. You don’t need a multi-million dollar design budget or advanced realtime bullet physics to make something scary. You just have to have an idea that is raw, and the honesty to execute it. P.T. perfectly illustrates this point. It takes place entirely in one hallway. It didn’t have complicated AI. There weren’t a dozen characters to design and model. Hell, there weren’t even that many scares. And it was absolutely terrifying. It distilled the concepts of the ill-fated Silent Hills into a dense moment of terror. It was its own compact experience, and a glimpse into something much more. Many games have tried to imitate P.T. in content. A million spooky hallways with a trillion collectible notes. Some of these are fantastic. But what about that concept? To distill your dream project into something condensed, raw, and real? That was the question posed to 10 brilliant creators. Make a PT for the horror project of your dreams. Both a game on its own, and a window into a much larger world. Make it raw. Make it real. Make it a reflection of your own fears. Make it in just 7 days.dread x, dread x collection, summer nights, summer night, summer night airdorf, horror, survival horror, indie game, indie game, horror indie game, scary indie game, scary indie games, scary, mrkravin, cjugames, jonh wolfe, outlast, P.T., PT, silent hill, until dawn, scariest, scary games, horror games, silent hills, dread x collection gameplay, dread x collection review, the pony factory, jumpscare, And they did. This is the Dread X Collection.

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  1. Thanks for playing SUMMER NIGHT, squad! Y'all are the best. I've been struggling working on FAITH: Chapter III today and y'all's reactions helped remind me why I do this ^_^

  2. When the dude reading that letter at the beginning asked me if I had remembered to lock the front door, I realized I hadn’t.
    Thanks, man!

  3. I find the overreaction highly unappealing. There's no way you truly freak out by the sound of a knock and it takes me out of the experience.

  4. You see kids, Exzibit was a rapper that used to host a show on the old Music Television channel where he would alter a contestant's car to appear street worthy while focusing on cosmetics like a backseat fish tank and flames painted on the front end of the car to hide systemic, expensive problems that his production crew was unable to fix.

  5. That narrator at the start sounded really familiar – like the voice of the guy on the tapes in Receiver 2. I wonder if it was the same guy or just someone who sounds similar.

  6. I wasn't listening with headphones granted, but did anyone hear the odd sound they were talking about? As if it happened outside of the game? I didn't hear anything like that.

  7. And airdorf shows us that scary can come from anything – fancy graphics and gimmicks truly aren’t necessary. Obsessed with this mans talent

  8. Man, I clicked on this video in the light of day but i'm willing to bet that it's gonna be haunting my brain come nightfall.

  9. 15:45 i was straight up about to say this game is spine tingling. lil bit hair raising And then the fucking battery died lol Fuck dude

  10. normally i just watch on my laptop sound up but i plugged headphones in for this one and got DAMN the sound design on this game is so so excellent. This dude is a minimalist genius.

  11. At 11:50 in the video my dog who was sleeping next to me just started shaking and making wierd noises it scarred the heck out of my!

  12. amazing how something so simple and unremarkable to look at, at first glance can get so creepy if you just do sound design REALLY well.

  13. I agree with Davis tbh. The message was supposed to make you generally creeped out by being alone, not like that actual reader was.going to come stab you. He sounded unhinged and that's kinda unnecessary.

  14. Man I used to love the Tiger electronic games as a kid. I knew a kid who had one of the watches, and I thought it was so cool.

  15. Fuck those last few minutes. I was getting ready for a jumpscare. Can't wait to see the other games in this collection


  17. im 100% sure the makers of Jurassic Park made a tamagotchi style game just like this when i was a kid and i sucked at it aha.. going back 20+ years though, good times.. this game though? amazing and great team dynamic that adds to the viewing experience 😀 thanks for sharing buddy <3


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