Team Omega Ω — #GTARG Gate 2 Full Solve (Game Theory ARG)


This is how we solved Gate 2 of MatPat’s GTARG. It will give some insight into the steps we take when solving every clue, image, video and audio and every puzzle. It takes a lot of organizing, but a little screaming and shouting sometimes helps 🙂

Now that we have done 2 main gates, 3 beta gates, and the Youareprepared video, it’s less of a competition to us and more of a fun activity with friends. We love puzzle solving and ARG’s, and want to help the Theorist community become better solvers.

You can see our official Gate 2 write-up here:

Some links:
👉 Official Twitter: @webrokeolega
👉 Kynk’s channel:
👉 GT Discord:
TIP: To gain access to the ARG Discord channels, you need to read the Master Tracker IN FULL until you find instructions on how to reveal them. You cannot skim through the doc. Read it in full:
👉 GTARG Master Tracker:

🤐 54 69 70 3A 20 63 68 65 63 6B 20 74 68 65 20 75 73 65 66 75 6C 20 72 65 73 6F 75 72 63 65 73 20 73 65 63 74 69 6F 6E 20 3A 29


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  1. This is super impressive. How was this team even created in the first place? It's pretty amazing that they are working together like this.

  2. I’m good with computers, but I can’t fathom being this so very smart! I really wish I had the assets to join you doing things like this! It seems like such a great teamwork task and experience! I wish you all the best of luck with this adventure!

  3. i want to know every single method used to crack all these codes/files so i can educate myself because i was fucking lost. amazing work though guys! i honestly could never dream of solving puzzles that easily.

  4. someone should make a song based on the Game Theory A.R.G.

    i already came up with a concept title: "Alpha Reality Glitch"

  5. Why don't you guys post more of these types of videos? They're fascinating. Also why did the kid at 15:13 tell everyone to dislike the clue video?

  6. Looking at the comments video titles anything to do with you guys I want to figure out the Sugar Bubbles mystery

  7. When I watched matpat talk about you I knew I had to come see you in action for myself, your an amazing team!

  8. You guys are seriously amazing. This is some of the best teamwork I’ve ever seen online, or ever, tbh. You guys are some of the smartest people I’ve ever seen. If all of you are on the top of the list, you’re more than worthy of solving this all. Best of luck, you guys are phenomenal, and are definitely going places.


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