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50 Replies to “THE CLOSET GAME”

  1. Just wondering… Since the game says not to turn around after, and you have to have lights on from then on… Then aren’t you turning around and leaving the lights on by having two more people go in… So wouldn’t there already be a demon there from the first time?

  2. Wait really you guys close your closet I always keep my closet open so if somethings there they have no where to hide but I don’t believe in that stuff but I love it

  3. 0:15
    I'm moving into a new house next month and I've never had my own room and I WAS excited but after that my mom is going to have to get used to me in her room

  4. Has enyone notiticed how the record box in the bottom corner of the thumb nail is the same for all the spoopy videos

  5. Sometimes when I look at the title I think, (They don't have to play that game, they're already gay.)

  6. Yet he was supposed to do it alone and he didn't and they didn't even get the directions right honestly he's too scared to do the true closet game…

  7. Shane TRYS his best to make it scary with the music and everything then drew would say something gay😂😂👌

  8. I miss these fun days…. With your friends hanging out, not being belittled by your fiance.. Just making silly content..

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