The Death of Manga Rock and the Decline of Scanlations | The Cancer Killing Anime


Since it’s beginnings, the anime fandom has relied heavily on fan localization to provide it’s content. From bootleg tapes in convention hotel rooms to sub and scanlation groups releasing current series, piracy has long been at the core of a community that had few other choices to get their fix. However, with the growth of the demand for anime outside of Japan and the domination of companies created for or pivoting to the licensing of Japanese animation, the need for this morally dubious and definitely illegal practice is in question. Fan-generated content is on it’s way out, will anything of value be lost? Let’s talk about it.


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  1. Oh wow, the official version of JoJo's Anime and Manga censored the Musical references? No wonder they pirate it.

  2. Tbh, I think there's just too much manga that hasn't been licensed/probably won't get licensed, especially older titles

  3. I don't think piracy is gonna disappear from anime and manga, since locations outside of the US still can't watch most anime legally. There's so much manga coming out that western localizers aren't gonna be able to keep up in any way. Fansubs are still around, though in a much smaller capacity, because official translations are doing such a rushed and poor job. Offical manga localizations are usually better compared to fanscans, but because they're a business there's always gonna be a series that isn't gonna get localized, and fans will translate it. I think visual novels are the only part of the industry that's managed to get to a point where fan translations are not the majority, or the outright better choice, but that's such a niche part of the industry.

    Oh and good job with the video.

  4. I still find it incredible that with manga on a decline, its still putting western comics into submission. If piracy was reduced and Japanese businesses were more fair, than the whole manga vs comic war would finally be put to rest. Western comics failed not because of identity politics, like every other clickbait channel suggest, western comics are inconvenient for new readers. Marvel and DC also target older fans to a fault, they're not interested in breeding a new generation of readers, manga's linear stories and limited spin off titles are the best business models to follow


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